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Album: Su Casa
Mi Casa Jika lyrics

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Mi Casa Jika Lyrics

I see you standing over there
And I'm wondering, can I, can I
I whisper something in your ear
Something that you might like, ohh
One, you looking good, looking too good yeah
Two, I'd make every man in here praise you if I could
Come on now, three, is there anyway that we could be, hmm
But for now, I'll stop with all that countin'
And I asking if you could join me

Ah Jika my baby, Jika [x4]

The way you move, step in your groove
Not like any, Baby can I
Get closer to you, maybe
We can do things that only lovers do
I wish ungeza kimi ngiya ku cela baby
Sondela kimi jikeleza baby for me
Won't you work it baby for me
The way you move your body makes me say, Eish
So won't you do it for me

Ah Jika my baby, Jika [x12]
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