M.I Abaga - Yours (Ft. Milli, Debbie)  Lyrics

Yours (Ft. Milli, Debbie)

M.I Abaga

Album: The Chairman
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M.I Abaga Yours (Ft. Milli, Debbie) lyrics

Jude Abaga , better known by stage name M.I , meaning Mr Incredible. Jude was born in Jos, Plateau State. His parents, Mr and Mrs Abaga from Takum , Taraba state , both of Nigerian descent. He attende...

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M.I Abaga Yours (Ft. Milli, Debbie) Lyrics

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[M.I Abaga - Yours (Ft. Milli, Debbie) lyrics]
Oh yea
This is for my real fans, let me talk about them
Right around with my first album
Remember that shit: talk about it
You put me here
M.I2, Illegal Music
Through this year, we done made a few hits
I say "We" cos i know the truth is, you put me here…you put me here
I don't ever wanna let you down so
Rest assured, I'm still the best around
Go on my head and adjust the crown cos, you put it there
And haters thought i was gonna die out
I was loading up, so lets ride out
Short Black Boy is in the white house, you put me there
So know

– Debbie
I just want you to know say i know that my house, and my door, my awards and my shows
If it wasn't for you and the love that you showed me
I just wouldn't be me, so i smile but it's yours
It's yours, it's yours, it's yours, it's yours
It's yours, it's yours, it's yours, it's yours
That's right

My former manager said i ain't shit
That's bullshit that I ain't shit
Cos I swallowed it up and didn't say shit, cos he brought me here
After all we been through
We family, but we came through
But even if we don't rekindle that friendship, you brought me here
So go ahead and keep blogging
Talking about my recordings
Saying i'm no longer important
God dey, he brought us here
And i'll always be grateful
I'll never be a guy that's hateful
And it's cool though it ain't cool, you brought me here
And so

– Debbie
I just want you to hear that i'm aware that you care for my success
By you bringing me here
When nobody believed in the boy you were there
So it's clear, all my blessings are yours too, to share
It's yours, it's yours, it's yours, it's yours
It's yours, it's yours, it's yours, it's yours
It's yours, it's yours, it's yours, it's yours
It's yours

– M.i
So this is reciprocity
Jahcity, croccity, choccity…
Even when i'm in lagos, i'm feeling like it's my city
I am grateful, you put me here….you put me here
It's true
And to my team: BP, LampHouse
Anything we do stands out
Lets hit the beach and camp out
I am grateful, you put me here
You brought me here…you brought me here


– Milli
If my eyes can see, my mouth can tell
I do it cos i am hot as hell
I pray my opportunities will never land my ass in jail
Stuck behind the backseat
Leaning all my concentration
My time has come, my fans be waiting
Listen to my poppa say
Boy you better be a man
Be a head that constitutes
So one day you will probably worth mills like Michael Jackson shoes
Doing shit i have to do
Smoke in the atmosphere
Nigga i dont stop
Cos that's the shit that got me here

Young chico
Close to my peep though
Going through my pain, watch a nigga do a sequel
Slide in between, call them Malcolm in the middle
Doing it for you niggas cos its power to the people
Sci-fi at a top floors, cognac at the top drawer
Push buttons on fast cars
From range rover to a nascar
Let me see if i can go faster
I adapt to what i rap for
Cos i sneak in right the back door
Now its young boys, the recomer
Find me on the cover of, that billboards and magazines
They say win win, no runner ups
Don't coverup that realshit
Facelifts no uppercuts
Yea i rolling up, i flow sick
Spit like i am throwing up
Now it's young boys on the comeup

All i ever do, all i ever do is stay the same
All i have to do, all i have to do is stay the same
All i ever do, all i ever do is stay the same
All i have, all i want is yours

– M.I
Yo i guess the emotion behind me making this record is to say
i can't thank everybody you know
Everybody that has supported me from the first album up until this day
I mean it's been four years since my last album
And people still tweet at me everyday, telling me they love me and they
They respect the music and they just want to see me come back and do what i do
You know
I can never pay you for that, i can never thank you
All i say is that when you see me
Them award shows on stage, just know that, that success is yours
And is really is yours
God will replenish in your life
What you have blessed in my life
I want you to understand that my success is your success
Yea i mean to the team, everybody mehn
Everybody that helped me make this album
Yea i mean, chocolate city, lupee, lamphouse
My management
I mean, you know i mean family, everybody, it's yours, it's yours
Short black boy is you
God bless you
God bless you abundantly, exceedingly more than everything you wish, you ask, you imagine.
M.I Abaga Yours (Ft. Milli, Debbie) lyrics
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