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L-Tido My Clique Ft. Darne, FiFresh, Ckassa lyrics

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L-Tido My Clique Lyrics

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[L-Tido Ft. Darne, FiFresh, Ckassa - My Clique lyrics]
[Verse 1]
Ladies, fellas, L-Tido is trending
I started with nothing
Look how far I done came
I'm grinding, this paper
No I can't be your man
Maybe just one night, please don't complicate things
I made it while these other niggas probably thought I couldn't
Keep the grind up ? driving cars they thought I wouldn't
I'm the freshest living, yes I'm winning, verses leanin'
My outfit is turning heads like an exorcism
Man ther's nothing you can tell me though
'Cause you still rocking shit
I stopped wearing a year ago
We the freshest in the city here
Man the future brighter than the clothes hippies wear

Because my clique I swear we fresher than you (x2)
Got a hunnid fellas hatin' on the low
Got a hunnid mamis tryna get my number though
Got a hunnid fellas hatin' on the low
Got a hunnid mamis tryna get my number though
Because my clique I swear we fresher than you (x2)

[Verse 2]
My name is FiFresh, you know they messing with the squad
Ain't gotta worry over broads
'Cause it's money over whores
Now pictures getting took, champagne bottles getting shook
And since I'm only on the verse
Girl you know I'm off the hook
Ignore them niggas that hatin' faking, man we don't need those
I mean we swagging on daily
Baby you know how my clique rolls
I'm in the [?] to make it, ape shit that's how we kick flows
Acting like you know when you now you ain't know
But it's cool
And you know a nigga got it first
Price tags on my sneakers
Jiggy nigga with them [?]
I finess got them rands
Couple girls up in the sec
Looking for your superman
Come put that ass up on my chest


[Verse 3]
You know we pull up in them high keys
Man these haters, they can't stop me
Little L-Tido and Chucky
Man we knock 'em out like Rocky
These niggas say they got swag but they want tips
I tell them that we drop soon, they know we got this
My name is getting bigger while my world is getting smaller
Girl is hella foreign, she looks something like Rihanna
Her number's on my dresser
Three weeks later I haven't called her
I been busy plotting on the one I'm tryna conquer
It's my last night in Jozi
Let's get more Russian on me
Dress up, post up and own it
Copping, maxed out on clothing
Tryna live in the moment
Fuck that, ain't it ironic
I got me a chain now I'm off the chain, bawsy
When you look through Versace shades life is different
When covered in [?] fabric, swag's intrinsic
Stepping on my jello soles and tucking spirit
Drinkin that 80% nigga this thing is shit

L-Tido My Clique lyrics Ft. Darne, FiFresh, Ckassa
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