Kwesta Mayibabo Ft. Okmalumkoolkat, DJ Maphorisa, DJ Buckz lyrics

[h]Early Beginnings[/h] Kwesta a.k.a Mr. Cool is a newbie on the mainstream hip-hop scene and at such an early stage of his career; it is amazing how much he has accomplished. In 2010 he was part o...

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Kwesta Mayibabo Lyrics

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Hey babo, chin
Yin'khaloko, chin
Tsela b'yala renwe bo

[Verse 1: Kwesta]
The blacker the berry the sweeter the juice
These thirsty yellowbones just don't got the tube
Not gonna lie, niyaphuza
Bafana bam lana niya luza
The boy ain't got nothing to prove
But ngzom shela lama yellowbones
I got one on the song, oh my God she's a beaut
Still sipping on Heinekken nabo achuse
Ziyakhipha, bo-barman just bring out the booze
Ngizok padala goed, nak'sasa singabuthlaza goed
iKhanda [?]
Hayingphuza ke mtana ungabuzi
I might give a fuck so khumula ube nqun
I'm K1 'til they put my name on the tomb
You loved me before, now you say I'm a deuce
You get to the pozzie uyang'hlupha
But I'm just posing, I'm cool
At least I impose on the school, got souls in the booth
They haunting the notes on this tune, hayi suka


[Verse 2]
Every little single night, we pop it asibuzi
Sipping on that champagne like
Thela ubtywala siphuze
Everytime I think of the things that I could do
With this rhyme and this high
My fist is ska tlo mphunya
Niggas ain't gon see this coming
O ka se nketse selo 'cause I got this game on a leash, nigga
And every time I tell niggas to practice what they preach, twitter
There ain't no mistaking my punchline
It's my time to teach
We burning all the cheeks, while we counting all the Gs
Unlocked, we got all the keys
Roll up and up
When we done with this song we'll be gone we'll be overseas


[Verse 3: Okmalumkoolkat]
Phuma mabodhlela, bagqwala nge style ntwana
Four four, poroza the nectar
Vodka tequila ntwana relax
And order the magnum
Baphiwa and Jager, tipping the waiter
Siyasebenza mfana k'khal' ifosholo
Senza k'phela baba as'sabi vokol
Sa gazata wena ubhamb' ishukela
Ungazos'qala wena ngcono ubulele
Asilali thina s'vusa abalele
Sazophaka uzobona amaphepha
S'lahl' imilenze hello kumnandin
Bhamb uPalesa kwangen uLulama
Siyabangena manje ngcono siyolala
Siyabangena manje after potso
Siyabapakisha ba gqwal' ikoloi
I'm holding the booty like Brian Baloyi
Sending emojis like mayibabo, like mayibabo
Sipisha ng'buye you driving the crew
Sihamba nga-2 hlala ngentoni
Checking the telly uyazi ngiyi sterring
Blome no [?] imali engapheli
Finessing botjwaks, don't roll with motswaps
Spova the genge, umswenko deluxe
Boyz and bafana the boyz and the bucks
Stand on the sofa and order more shots

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