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Real Name: Smiso Zwane
AKA: Koolkat
Date of Birth / Age: 27th July, 1983 (41 years)
Country: South Africa
Hometown: Umlazi, Durban.
Net Worth: Unknown


Smiso Zwane (born 27 July 1983), commonly known by his stage name Okmalumkoolkat (sometimes stylized as OkMalumKoolKat) is a South African rapper and half of the rap/electronic duo, Dirty Paraffin.
Okmalumkoolkat was born in Umlazi, Durban. After graduating from college, Okmalumkoolkat moved to Johannesburg where he met Doctor SpiZee, with whom he formed Dirty Paraffin.

The pair lived together and both shared a mutual passion for art; which eventually led to them collaborating several times. After the house in which they lived was robbed, they had to go job hunting. Using the skills he had garnered during his college years, he designed layouts and brands for companies; most notably, Nike.

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