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Hyena (Based on a True Story)


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Kwesta Hyena (Based on a True Story) lyrics

[h]Early Beginnings[/h] Kwesta a.k.a Mr. Cool is a newbie on the mainstream hip-hop scene and at such an early stage of his career; it is amazing how much he has accomplished. In 2010 he was part o...

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Kwesta Hyena (Based on a True Story) Lyrics

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[Kwesta - Hyena (Based on a True Story) lyrics]
This is different
This is an artist who been in the game Heather B for quite some time (Right)
Uhm, he's uhm
A well world wide respected mc that comes from South Africa
And when I was asking my friends about it
I was like "Well, who do think should've won? "
And they said "Kwesta"

They gon hate who I'm becoming, yeah
Raplyf we rap life

They gon hate who I'm becoming
I just pulled out the delearship
Like "Fuck the budget"
Problem is, niggas tell girls to put their bottles on em
My bitches solve a whole case
Get to the bottom of it
It's catch these chicks
Or cash these cheques
Before you get in trouble boy
Respect the tech
Keep your gents in check
I'll keep my gents in check
But understand
You fucking with a 10 year vet, eish
My drive got a new car smell still, eh
I feel alive cause these new bars fresh ill
And bitch I'm thriving
And I been on the grind ever since you was high of that
"Who got next?" pill
But I aint give two fucks
I'm having threesomes
While I build
You punks, make how the fees must
Deep much, huh-huh
Just clean stuff
Mayibabo I kept it Uhuru and started seeing Buckz
I came in this bitch with a big dream
She gave birth
And her kid hit the big screen
I see them post squad goals
Like shit is real
But in time, they'll know
Signing yourself was the bigger deal
But, maybe I need to slow down for em
Before they tell you I'm jealous
And got it out for em
I aint got files on em
I just got nine on em
So while they out shopping
Imma style on em
Yeah, and hope they love me like my brother does
Look, I'm a safe bet
I do what the rubber does
Fuck a promoter cause...
Wa dwadl' indawo aba badali
Uth' uya bathemba Sophie iNdaba auwuyazi
Eish, ya labafan' abazi
My whole life leaned on a beat
No double cup
10 years on, you probably think I've done enough
But I'm a high pilot
I'm on the up and up
My new shit, got your honey touched
But don't fuck with the bars
Cause you might get fucked and touched
Not by the midas, but
Maybe the shower stutter
I mean the game is a sum of bitches
Minus us
So awusho...
Who got the jewels?
Minus us
I said jewels, and the difference is...
Minus ours
Time flies boy
Mind your hours
Look we some fly boys
Minding ours
Us and a beat just kicking it
Might be hard to believe
Se amapantsula
And when your debuts came out
I was proud of you
How could I hate you
I loved you
I was you
But trust you, me
I run through your whole squad and dust you, clean
Fuck you mean I aint got sharp tools
I can cut through spleens
Bitch I'm Bruce Lee
The best I'm the one-two-three
Don't even talk about the 4-5
That shit will have your bitches in sixes and sevens the whole night
Look what I ate
The whole nine
And now I rate ten out of ten boy the whole time
And hell yeah tech rap nice
And trouble got the babs in the bag right
Yeah, ex chilling in the damn cup
I had to kill yall just to give rap life
Yes sir
Raplyf we rap life

We got a hyena
And its the same policy no matter where you from
I don't care if you're from the United States
I don't care if you're from the France, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia
I don't care if you're from the Japan
And I don't care if you're from the continent of Africa
Wack rappers, we hate you (We hate you)
On an international level (We hate yall)
You see what just happened here with Kwesta
He's a hyena

On the real though
I just landed like this morning
Ngath' ayi ithi ngi dlule daar estudio, you know
Let yall know that
I feel unbreakable
I feel like nothing can stop me
Yeah, I think I'm the strongest man alive
Regardless of times
Brought up by the wives
Yeah I'm corner life inspired
Got it for the rhymes
I'd be honoured to have nine years in this bitch but shit
I was bought up by a lie
Kodwa we survive
Aint gon ball up and be shy
Them awards are gone
It's fine
Should have ordered them online
Ni corrupt and niyazi
Vele nikorra si ngaka dlali
I mean the ball aint even bounced
But I can call a couple fouls
I guess honesty just died
Cause honestly I tried
I mean, I saw them look surprised
But it was obviously disguised
Just thought about it now
Would my daughter be proud?
And say "My daddy is a winner"
If I would have gone and bought the fucking prize
But I wont tell her I deserved it
I mean she might grow to like yall
But she gon know it hurt me
So, she don't grow to be like yall
I should leave her oout of this
Let bygones be bygones
I just pray those bygones were not buys

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Kwesta Hyena (Based on a True Story) lyrics
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