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Jesse Jagz Nigerian Gangster lyrics

Jesse Jagz (Jesse Garba Abaga) has been described as Nigeria’s Kanye West because of his flirtatious experimentation with different genres of music from R&B to roots reggae to pop all built on a predo...

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Jesse Jagz Nigerian Gangster Lyrics

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[Jesse Jagz - Nigerian Gangster lyrics]
And now Mr Wallace,
it is the most corrupt Nation that i have covered
I have been there 25 years ago
And i have been there recently last year

He walks into the spot
See us pimping every stops
Cranberry and some rocks
Shots chilling on them rocks
He listens for the cops
He can hear the ticking of the clocks
Since the tail of the chicken in a fox
Hands still shaking from the shotgun
Each and every stops into wishing an on top
Kitchen is at locks
Still listen if anybody knocks
Vision never stops
How he never listen to his pops
Now he wishing he was ready for the mission
He was too young to listen
Guns gone missing
He on the Television, from New York to Bristol
One hell of a mission
Even on the international

Now give it up for that Nigerian gangster
You move to fast they might blast you
Street is after, police they might catch you
Its a fact they next man be an actor
Too hard to capture, back door contractor
Cruse in a Mansion, chased by the LASMA
Pace getting faster, place say Alaska
Registration is a fake from Madagascar

He unfaithful
Do anything he paid to
And everybody hate you
It’s a wonder how you make dough
They too late to underrate you
I’m talking M, talking Ice, talking wizzy
Too hot for TV, believe me it easy
I’m talking jazzy, I’m talking Banky
I’m talking Nigerian swag, I’m talking swanky

This the chapter, Captain that man sir
Nigerian gangster
Can’t see me all you hear is my laughter
Gold is what am after, silver & alabasa
Am a bastard am a goon am a paster
See am a real G am an actor
Contractor, move brigs like a tractor
I’m a singer, producer and am a rapper
I’m talking Vec, I’m talking Phyno
I’m talking Olamide, am talking Gino
I’m talking English
I’m talking Nigerian Lingua
Ain’t f* around baby girl, am talking mandingo

Let it bounce, let it breath
Am talking real shady business
Too hot for TV, Believe me
Moda f^^ ain’t easy
Peace to the dream to the green white green
Or hail the machine and pray it to the queen
From Saudi Arabia to Greece, peace
I pray, let your favour increase
Chains on our feets, slaves from the east
Stay for the feast and make way for the beast
Mary Jane that I kiss, is AK for the streets
I’m gon' lay in my sheets, everyday plenty weeks.
It’s mvrder, OJ when I creep.

Dre on the beat, it’s okay for the freaks.
I’m hustling in my jeans, no play when I sleep.
Monday to Sunday, I need more days of the week.
And here’s to the dream, I’m a awake when I sleep,
I ache in my feet and I'ma take, I'ma keep,
Now tell me, are you fake or you deep,
Are you grey, are you weak.
Are you ape or you sheep. Now get ready for the beast,
The whole earth gon' shake when I speak,
There’s an earthquake in my sheets,
The earth bakes from the snakes and the crips,
Heard they was waiting for Jacobs to feed, yeah,
I heard it was a major retreat.
At bae on my bae For I am made strong,
They was made to be weak. I came to scotch ’em,
I tamed the scorpion. Houston to Compton
Spain to Austin, Ukraine to Boston,
Goddamn I’m awesome, my flow’s smoother than Johnson's and Johnson
Now here’s to the captain and the masters
To every Nigerian gangster,
The love gets cold like shine all over.
It’s the story of the soldier,
Five stars on my shoulder, born in the vision,
An extra-celestial life form is lethal in the field of position.
Mama always told me, said Life is a mission,
it’s was my decision, I was too young to listen.
I read what was written, surely it was forbidden,
For loving is religion,
It came down under the form of a dove and a pigeon,
See I’m in the prison.
Conscripted in the system,
I rose through a division.
Jesse Jagz Nigerian Gangster lyrics
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