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Ice Prince Zamani Seasons lyrics

Ice Prince was born Panshak Zamani in the city of Minna , NigerState , Nigeria . Early in life, aged two, he moved with his family tothe mining city of Jos , Plateau State , Nigeria . In Jos he receiv...

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Ice Prince Zamani Seasons Lyrics

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[Ice Prince Zamani - Seasons lyrics]
Drum roll, Ice
Oh what a feeling, shots
Something pretty like that
This remind of, something pretty like that
I don’t even know, what a feeling

[Verse 1]
Uh, I’m getting better every of the season
Shots flowing like grenades and I don’t know the reason
Shots, I pray to God that I don’t go to prison
Am steady talking to Jehovah cos I know I need him
Life style of the rich and famous I’m tRNA pick
So I can cop me designers get me a finer chick
Yeah, this rappers choking like **sis
While I was tRNA figure this sh!t out like am a scientist
I had a vision from start, now am at it again
They almost had me frustrated, then I had to just went
I went to swim with the sharks and I came out as a whale
They hating on me from school I’m flying out to Brazil
Oops, last year I was a different person
My fans told me that they miss me I was still rehearsing
Less twitter less instagram and all that
But AMA always come back with that good that’s at least for certain

Oh no, AMA be there one day
AMA be there one day
AMA be there one day
Oh yeah, you know you know
You could be there one day
I could be there one day
We could be there one day
One day you know

[Verse 2]
99 I fell in love with the sticks
I fell in love with the drums
I fell in love with the kicks
Was like, had me on ma lyrical sh!t
And I’m getting allot bread I need a miracle whips
Some rappers tRNA push me back I need a a physical feet
I need a typical grip, I’m not a cynical prick
This rappers acting like they ill but they just clinical sick
And if they right I can be your little physician and sh!t


Something special something more
No, very special
Very special something
Something special something more
Oh, AMA give you what you like
AMA give you what you need
Eh aii
Oh, shawty got a thing and I like that
Shawty say her body got juice
I can put it in my henny and I like that

[Verse 3]
Uh, all black breaking all white walls
All night getting all night calls
And that’s fact niccah
No sleep no rest but still fresh in my all white furs
And that’s swag niccah
There’s no intention to retaliation
Cos when you at the top you always get a lot hating
Friends screw you over family turned to alligators
Now it’s only you against the world and that’s the elevator
Last year I got a chance to meet my idol rapper
And he told me I was great I could’ve fainted after
Cos them critics been steady killing my
Father, I posted on my instagram dawg that was a perfect laughter
Now they looking at me crazy like how did he do it
Me am looking at the nuts like men how do we screw it
And I pray to God I never get conceited
Cos he gave me resurrection what’s exactly what I needed and i

Still rep my city hommie till day
I’ve been around the world and it feels great
Barely getting fatty off this real cake
Rappers aiming at me while I’m aiming at the bills gate
I’ve seen the rise and I’ve seen mistakes
Hommie, I’ve seen the rats and I’ve seen the snakes
You know, I’ve seen the grass in my little past
But my little passion of rap had a little grace, amen.
Ice Prince Zamani Seasons lyrics
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