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Ice Prince Zamani FInd You lyrics

Ice Prince was born Panshak Zamani in the city of Minna , NigerState , Nigeria . Early in life, aged two, he moved with his family tothe mining city of Jos , Plateau State , Nigeria . In Jos he receiv...

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Ice Prince Zamani FInd You Lyrics

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[Ice Prince Zamani - FInd You lyrics]
I wish I could find you
Wish I could find you [x4]
All over again
I wish I could find you
Wish I could find you [x4]
All over again [x3]

[Verse 1]
Yeah, see I feel lost in this world
Since you left me in this place with your girls
And I heard that you’re in a better place
No hurts, no pains, just diamonds and pearls
Yes mama, yes daddy
Its been a really long time since you bought me a sweaty
I remember so clear how we sit on the floor
With the candle lights waiting for my mum’s spagetti
Dad left first and he said bye
He told me we could be together maybe sometime
I hope he’s alright and things are going fine
I hope he’s proud in heaven copping some of these lines
Please mama tell daddy that his son’s doing well
That his son’s bought two courses well
And don’t forget to tell him about oleku
That’s the song he will be proud of if he know I was strong


[Verse 2]
Hey daddy if you see your wife
She got even more pretty you should see your wife
Did a very good job with your kids for real
She made sure we had a row for the three square meal
See everybody left
And she became in bed
And even when I was bad she met my demands
She told me I was great
She said I had a gift
She gave me a tree when all I needed was a leave
So please tell her that I miss the face
I still remember when I brought her up to face the stage
She was really happy faced the crowd
She told me the next day that she really proud
Oh mama I really feel the pain
Cause ever since you left its not been the same
There’s no sunshine and not even the rain
And no, not the joy here can take away the pain


Hi I’m Blessing Zamani
I’m the last two child of my family
Ice Prince is my elder brother
And Julie’s my elder sister
I miss my dad and mum so much
And I wish I’ll find them someday
I also want to thank God for entering my brother
And making him to be who he is today
And pray to God to keep protecting, guiding me, my brother and sister.
Ice Prince Zamani FInd You lyrics
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