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Christene's Interlude

Frank Casino

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Frank Casino Christene's Interlude lyrics

Frank Casino (real name: Nhlanhla Tshabalala) was born and raised in the heart of Kempton Park, Tembisa. Frank began to develop his creatively ecumenical sound in 2004 back in high school. In 2005, Fr...

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Frank Casino Christene's Interlude Lyrics

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[Frank Casino - Christene's Interlude lyrics]
Man I must be Pablo
Lamborghini dreaming diablo
Loco when I'm skeeming my vatos
My owens and my Naijas from Lagos
Pablo (x2)

[Verse 1]
Damn, this for the fam
Picture me rolling, rolling on the grams
Blam it on grams, R.I.P Yams
My Naijas and Congolese know it's je t'aime
Ye je t'aime, a lot of respect
Heard they tryna ball on us, well watch us intercept
I'm cooking up a storm, raining days on your chef
Their terms and conditions I cannot accept
Decline your contract
We ain't taking L's only M's with a $
Brown tingz and brown drinks, only sip cognac
Worked on herself and she from the projects
My future wifey that's the one I project
Hear my project
From rokit sixes, get me digits come in sixes
10s in christenes, true religion
Intuition, promised vision, promising living like...


Yo soy Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, mis ojos estan en todos lados asi ustedes no pueden hacer ni una puta sola mierda en el departamento de Antioquia sin que"


[Verse 2]
Ai ya check them tingz when we ride by
Hide di ganja when di babylon come by
If they find di jar then its boom bye bye
Rockas ragga ja nuh see it Rastafi
Keep em bad ass like I'm Joey
Headed for the ball cut like I'm Zoey
Swoosh, ballin
23 jumpman like I'm Jordan
And I'm VVIP that's very, very important
Damn, you know my gang
Them girls like em D from the G thats the thang
Smelling like success, cologne and some dank
Sweet as taboo at Taboo, my boo thang
Man, I need that cash money like I'm Baby
Ocean blue 600 hundred Benz wavy
Keep it one hundred with the hundreds 90s baby
Man, I need that Ghost going ghost, Patrick Swayze
Woodgrain dashboard seats all suede B
All that I ask for, that type of shit persuades me
Oh lord save for whenever that day be
Still throw the E for their side wherever they b


[Verse 3]
I'll be good, good, good
With a bad, bad, bad
I'ma trap, trap, trap
Till they rap, rap, rap
I'm going live I might put this on Silkour
I need me juelz like I got the swastika
Zi'girls zi'right , swear these girls getting thicker
Fuck pick up lines, they out dated my nigga
She rather be with an older nigga, who can pick her up
Take her out on trips, making sure she taking pics
For instragram and shit, maybe it helps a bit
Get her social media up, uh
What you think I'm in it for?
The show money gotta start from four zeros or
Settle for rappers who feel exposure pays more
I feel better when all my shit is paid off, paid off

I need a lot of shit
I need certainty none of that lotto shit
No sharing bills on the bottle shit
I need ownership straight from the dealership
No, spending mama shit
No papa budget driving borrowed whips
I need online budget have my shit all shipped
Got these bitches thuggin all foreign shit
Oh Pablito adios amigo man I'm bout to be a Dios
As long its up to me hoe

Pablo...... Pablo...... Pablo

Frank Casino Christene's Interlude lyrics
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