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Trilla Nationwide Model lyrics

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Trilla Nationwide is an independent hip hop and R&B recording artist from Polokwane, South Africa. He debuted his studio mixtape Days Before Summer: A Reckoning Tape on February 19th 2021, which inclu...

About Model

Model is a single by Trilla Nationwide, taken off the Mixtape "My World To Yours". The song is Produced by ihris Eight.

Trilla Nationwide Model Lyrics

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[Trilla Nationwide - Model lyrics]
Steaz on deck,. Bliss on set and my bi**h on flex ooh yeah,
I'm riding on checks,. I drip I finesse and im coming for it all ooh yeah,..

Looking back I never had non,.
Now they treat me like a model,.
Pull up on your girl like a model!
,.She looking at me like I won the lotto,.

Beat it like I'm playing cello,.
Already know I got her screaming hello!,

(Verse 1)
twenty four hour lockdown,..
now we taking over like we some drugs,..
we f****ng up the game from the back!,.
we treat it like a dog on the set,.

I know you thought I wouldn't make it happen,.
this s**t is just too easy I forgot to mention,.
Ihris eight on the beat!,..
You nig**z don't compete!,..

I been up for a while I deserve to smile,.
You nig**z always frown like you wanna cry,.
,. I couldn't give a f**k I came with the vibe,.
,. I couldn't even care I'm the f***ken plug,.
,. I woke in the morning said im bringing hell,.
,. I'm hooding up on nig**z like I'm shooting sperms,.

Trilla Nationwide Model lyrics
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