Fifi Cooper - Boss Lady  Lyrics

Boss Lady

Fifi Cooper

Album: Take Me Back
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Fifi Cooper Boss Lady lyrics

[h]Background[/h] Born, Refilwe Mooketsi but known to South African’s as the 1st Lady of Motswako - Fifi Cooper. Proudly representing the iconic town – Mafikeng, the North West bred rapper and songst...

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Fifi Cooper Boss Lady Lyrics

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[Fifi Cooper - Boss Lady lyrics]
Mo team in the house
You can feel the vibe
Everybody screaming out
Boss lady ya Motswako (x3)
Mo team in the house
You can feel the vibe
Everybody screaming out
Boss lady ya Motswako (x3)

[Verse 1]
Boss lady like Obama Michelle
Gunning for presidency
Kgale ke le bolelletse nou ke semelletse
Ain't nothing you can do about it
Lefatshe le palletswe wena dula fatshe
Yeah we do what we do and ha re se baye
When we focus on the goal and ha re kgathale
We keep on keeping on
Ko morago ga re jikele
Man you know that we move on, moving on
While I'm busy counting Pounds from the U.K
It's celebration time le magenge ko dikosheng
All this stuff with shots
Got me acting really funny every single day
Now I dance, it's my body yeah
So after party ka dinako ko ke blomang teng
I got the nation screaming Fifi kanti o droppa neng
Now let me teach you the meaning of [?]
O ska re ha ra o chaela wena dula re sheba fela san


[Verse 2]
Rona re lapile ke dithsele-tshele
Ha o kena ka mole ba sheba rona re ba sheba fela
Le mafele a re matarela a batla go kena
Ready where you are, anytime this siyabangena
Then let them do what it do
Ha re tshwane I'mma do me, I'mma do what it do
Be what I choose to be and there ain't nothing to do
Higher and higher that's where I'm supposed to be
O ba rate botlhe but trust no one
Ubabize bonke [?] yeah we show 'em how it's done
Le magenge ba phela ba botsa how do I survive
Wena sheba tsao, lenna ke phela ke sheba tsaka
More blessings everyday
More shows, yo low-key money everyday
Man we go all the way more hustle ey'day
Got Lefika screaming "We Want More" everyday

Fifi Cooper Boss Lady lyrics
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