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Album: Avery
Emtee Pikipiki lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) was born in Matatiele, South Africa. He grew up in Rockville, Soweto, a major township in the Gauteng Province. In an interview on South African channel ANN7...

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Emtee Pikipiki Lyrics

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I'm seeing hella mummies
As I look to my left, I'm seeing hella mummies
As I look to my right, I'm like
Which one, this one, I don't have a clue (eh)
Pick one, ditch one, I just got to choose.
Ngizodlal ipikiki mabelane (x4)

[Verse 1]
Mami got the jays on snap back magic
Hanging with the thugs but I know she ain't ratchet
Looking so good, but damn she a bad chick
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