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Emtee Avery lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) was born in Matatiele, South Africa. He grew up in Rockville, Soweto, a major township in the Gauteng Province. In an interview on South African channel ANN7...

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Emtee Avery Lyrics

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[Emtee - Avery lyrics]
I Thought I thought I wanted the fastest cars to business to houses. I thought I wanted to spend some clothes with the jews in the closet.

I thought I wanted a million books never mind a few thousands I thought I wanted a famous girl until I met your mother. Ntwana it was cold in December at some point I wish that God would take my soul. I remember see mama wasn't really interested happily ever after. I mean after all the times that I have hurt her. I couldn't blame her just be constaradious that's why sometimes I wonder why i even bother showing love when it gets too much i close my eyes, I see you smile that makes me go harder. I thought I just wanted to be a star till I became a father. Somebody loves you baby ohh ohh ohh Somebody loves you baby wooh wooh wooh. I thought I wanted to be a star till i became a father the thought of you growing up like I did made me pusha phanda. I thought the best that could happen to me is making it out the gutter. I thought that love forgot about me till i heard about you. Always show her hey the love THANK YOU nice to meet you. Don't let these other kids tell trash, they just trying to reach you, please just smile is all I need to get me though this crying from ebsuku to emini imma do it. Take you to school where poverty, drugs and violence can't reach yah, where teachers get paid as much as pov poverty get for a feature. Mamela umamako treat her like a queen yea, n kosi for real you the son of a king yea Somebody loves you baby ohh ohh ohh Somebody loves you baby wooh wooh wooh.
Emtee Avery lyrics
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