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Emtee Amamenemene lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) was born in Matatiele, South Africa. He grew up in Rockville, Soweto, a major township in the Gauteng Province. In an interview on South African channel ANN7...

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Emtee Amamenemene Lyrics

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[Emtee - Amamenemene lyrics]
Let's get it one more time yeah!
If I only beat you one time
What it is
So Atm

I'm chasing my dream Aha!
Soldiers in my team Aha!
Oh you supply a lean Aha!
This is the life that you live Aha!
Dala si phila ku na amamenemene
Yall aint sleeping on me
Shame usele khe
If une beef
Woz' sihlebelel'
Khip' iphuzo lapho us'thelekele

[Verse 1]
Ah! Ah!
Came from the bando with first place
Came in the game just to murk late
Came up from quintari on thursdays
Now my name got a birth place
You all ain't in first place
Men i thought you niggas ain't came
You in the club looking thirsty
Sonke sifun' uk'winna showcase
Mara bafetu come on
Can't you tell that i'm on
Tell promoters, tell the ninjas
Bacover di cherry tsa bona
Yeah am the Don
Ngeke bang khone
This niggas hating cos i'm putting on
I'm up in the sky
Jets too strong
Do it no doubt
Way too young
Hey what's your name?
Where you from?
Ung thole ngi blomme nabo lova base Dubane
Hey where you at?
uPhet uban?
Unga gandi [?]
What you want?
Realest nigga living
Had no part too busy
In every move am making
So you remember me
I've been hell a busy
Family say i'm distant
I just need a minute
I'm no celebrity
Men fuck all my enemies
Lately they liking the remedy
They want the recipe
I'm really gifted nigga fuck what you telling me
There's no explaining me
I'mma pull up in a new whip
I see niggas i ain't cool with
Turning up to my new hit
I'm walking pass in my cool kit


[Verse 2]
This rappers ain't gangster they all in their feelings
You'll never be better than me and i mean it
How you hate me
Just cause I'm winning
You got the cotton
And I got the Linen
People love me I ain't did nothing wrong
It's funny how you wanted me on your song
You thought you be the one putting me on
Look now you failing
Uzoba strong
ng'Bathole be gidlile
Manje seng fikile
Simo ses chanchile
Wheeli sel jikile
Siyekheni siphile one time, ziwe
You looking for me
Ngek' ungthole, ngisfihlile
I do this shit for my mom and em
But I hardly spend time with them
I don't really like rappers
I don't even vibe with them
I am the one I hate doing the most
Did it by myself don't need a Coach
Nami sometimes, no guba stout
I'm so cool i need a coat
I'mma hit up the club for some new kick
Chilling with mummys am cool with
Hating n1ggas look stupid
Double cup like Tunchy

Emtee Amamenemene lyrics
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