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Bun Up Road


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Demarco Bun Up Road lyrics

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Demarco Bun Up Road Lyrics

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[Demarco - Bun Up Road lyrics]

Si mi yah
Every gyal dream
The fat youth just step in
Mi clothe clean
Straight listerine
Hale up the G dem the G dem check in
Yo a bun up road dawg
No seh a word Mister Bean
Every cup deh pon the table
Hennessy it a beat
Tell some likkle bwoy no bother ramp wid the team
Big up every ghetto youth every scheme[Verse 1:]
Oh gosh, when you talk bout party a wi own that
When wi a floss wi no hold back
B a tek mi phone gi da fat sexy gyal deh
And then yo bring fi mi phone back
Mount a broadcast weh mi get fi mi phone crash
Haffi visit every party mi so fross
Blue face in a mi pocket dawg lone cash
Hey gyal pon the sound box[Repeat Chorus][Verse 2:]
Tell the waitress seh fi come over yah suh
No bother feel seh money done over yah suh
A yah suh hot, sun over yah suh
No man to mi ears a we a run over yah suh
Suh when wi party, matches no dry throat
Waitress wid every king a liquor[Repeat Chorus][Repeat Verse 1][Repeat Chorus]

Demarco Bun Up Road lyrics
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