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Demarco Iron Bird lyrics

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Demarco Iron Bird Lyrics

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[Demarco - Iron Bird lyrics]

Every ghetto yute's wish, haffi do dis, demarco
Imigration, mi beg yuh pliz put stamp inami book
Suh mi family n friends can cook,
Government burn scrap metal, suh it's natural for the plastic bokkles we a look,
Yuh nuh see d tings set away rob rob,
If harry never see ma face a gd look,
Cause any given time wid out a sign seh dem tink design a life a take 'way like corpse
Suh yuh nuh see dem tings set away
Dem com fi you n I cyaan bet fi yesterday
Before mi hole undress set a foundation buoy satan a blo fi get dead
In a poverty ghetto nuh want stay
Fadda God tellem fi walk pon prayer
Sufferation nuh nice but mi kno there's beta way[Chorus:]
Ghetto yutes wan fly pon plane iron bird
Juss mi miss a mark fi mi word
One baskit a yutes dem wove
Fi mek mamma get wat she deserve
She wan haus gal, she wan land
Fi yuh grand pikney dem play pon
Life it ruff n yuh hear mi yuhmann
One foot mi wan put pon foreign land.

Demarco Iron Bird lyrics
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