Cassper Nyovest - Ghetto Ft. Anatii, DJ Drama Lyrics


Cassper Nyovest

Album: Tsholofelo
Prod: Anatii
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Cassper Nyovest Ghetto Ft. Anatii, DJ Drama lyrics

Born Refiloe Maele Phoolo on 16 December 1990 in a Mafikeng village called Montshiwa, Cassper Nyovest's love for performing before crowds developed at an early age in primary school where he’d always...

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Cassper Nyovest Ghetto Lyrics

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[Cassper Nyovest Ft. Anatii, DJ Drama - Ghetto lyrics]
[Intro: DJ Drama]
Yeah, Cassper
Y'all ready?
So ghetto!
DJ Drama

[Chorus: Anatii]
She say I'm so (ghetto x4)
I took her to my (ghetto x4)
She love my (ghetto x4)
She wanna be (ghetto x4)
That's why I like her (ghetto x4)
That's why I like her (ghetto x4)
That's why I like her (ghetto x4)
That's why I like her (ghetto x4)

[Verse 1: Cassper Nyovest]
I'm from the parts where uhm,
Hao sa qave o ska tshela,
Bietjie maak meer
Ha go nyewa ra function-a,
We kinda confused
Cause we wanna be safe in the streets
But we mocking the cops and
We look up to drug dealers,
Nobody can fuck with us,
We don't give a fuck
Phela when we in the 'burbs,
Mommy wanna rock with us, (Ba re)
A re o tlala ka lepantsula,
A re o tlala ka lepantsula,
Ba apola, ba kgowa,
Ba gona, ba apola,
I would've said the weakest
And she'd still rock with us (regardless)
A re o qwala ka lekgomsha,
A re o qwala ka lekgomsha,
She said she want something different,
For instance, sex game hella consistent,
And the wrist stay glistening,
Man I got game like the 6 man (abashwe, abashwe, abashwe)

[Chorus: Anatii]

[Verse 2: Cassper Nyovest]
Yeah, she's used to the rich
Her whole life was bliss,
After I took her to the hood
She couldn't resist
She said all the people are real
My kasi consists of
All these other elements
Her daddy wouldn't permit
She found a new meaning to life
She said it's a like song
She's been meaning to write,
A re o tlala ka lepantsula, (A re o tlala)
A re o tlala ka lepantsula
Wa tlala, ra saka, ra lakha, ra fasa
I kinda think she real though
Bougie but she still dope
I mean, she like Gucci and all
But if you give it a chance
We could truly evolve
Into something they never saw,
So bona, go fela so?
Even though we fought
The love was never lost
I mean you travelled the world
I see you hella bored
Holler at your boy, ha re jaive
Re itumele so

[Chorus: Anatii]

[Outro: DJ Drama]
Cassper, she like it so ghetto. Anatii what up? DJ Drama
Cassper Nyovest Ghetto lyrics Ft. Anatii, DJ Drama
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