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AKA Sunshine Ft. Sarkodie, J'Something lyrics

AKA is a South African mainstream rap artist. He was born in Cape Town on January 28, 1988. AKA’s birth name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. [h]Early Beginning[/h] The rapper ventured into music after...

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AKA Sunshine Lyrics

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[AKA Ft. Sarkodie, J'Something - Sunshine lyrics]
Sunshower, just a sign of the power
Of loving you, oh baby
Sunshower, got me by the hour
Wanting you, oh baby

[Verse 1: AKA]
And the beat goes on
They don't really make it like this no more
Skhot' so hard, bosso ke mang
Everything good but I ain't D'Banj
Work so hard everyday we span
Party don't stop till I say we done
Headshots and I'm toast
Silver and gold
Then you zone out, thinking how these situations unfold
He probably throwing his dick around and I'm waiting up for his call
Yeah this whole club so turned up nobody trying to go home
Black cards, rap stars, these hoes trying to get choked
I stay on my grind, you stay on my mind, spend my time

Wanting you, oh baby

[Hook: J'Something]
Cause you are my sunshine
All I need is my sunshine
To come and warm up this lonely night oh
My sunshine, you are
That's right cause
After it all
Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl
After it all
Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl

[Verse 2:]
My niggas got they cash right
We been in a dungeon
I'm talking bout that camp life
Yeah that's that strength in numbers
So one time for the spouses that Instagram they outfits
Party at the Sands but the swag from the township
My bitches bad, I usually tap no strings attached
You take my hand we fall in love I just hope you can catch
I take you on vacation, smoke Jamaican while you tan
Even your friends hate it, they look at you with contempt
Baby just dry your eyes, they can try all they like, but I'ma spend all my life



[Verse 3: Sarkodie]


After it all
Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl
After it all
Yeah into your arms I'm, gonna crawl
AKA Sunshine lyrics Ft. Sarkodie, J'Something
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