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Daddy Issues


Album: Levels
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AKA Daddy Issues lyrics

AKA is a South African mainstream rap artist. He was born in Cape Town on January 28, 1988. AKA’s birth name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes. [h]Early Beginning[/h] The rapper ventured into music after...

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AKA Daddy Issues Lyrics

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[AKA - Daddy Issues lyrics]
[Verse 1:]
All you want is backstage passes
All you want is drop top Benz in traffic
Insta-Caption lunch at Tashas, with your bad physique?
That stack on the 15th, guaranteed
Cash is king and that ass is a pageant queen
Her Majesty, she all up in fashion week
But still can't pour gasoline? You better make it rain
Double life to live, even got a wife and kids like Damon Wayans
Ferrari, Jaguar, switching from lane to lane
Cavalli, now you got a gold wrist watch and it don't tick-tock like Flava Flav
Ex-boyfriend was a major lame
Don't hate the player, hate the game

Everyday is like the weekend
Well I'll be damned
All you've got is dirty little secrets, and Versace bags
Party in the fashion
Where everything is plastic
The swag is like a magnet
It's a fatal attraction
I just wanna sex you up, so Color Me Bad

Girl you really need to slow down
Everyday is only like 24 hours
See you 'round town, runnin' round with the wrong crowd
Bet you made daddy so proud

[Verse 2:]
I bet your mom made the same mistakes
Now you stuck with a maiden name
Is that why you party like Taylor-Gang
The more things change they stay the same
No huggin' and kissin' in public
Don't you wish I could fit in your luggage
Took one look at your thickness and wondered
Time to put this bad bitch in my budget
Let's have a discussion
Now you on the come up for real
Road took forever to build
No silver spoon in your grill, so Mandela's could level the field
This life is a hell of a thrill
Jozi, just another True Egoli-wood story
Tissues, Daddy Issues
Call me when a nigga get Maury



[Verse 3:]
Stunt on the haters
You one of my favorites
Despite all the odds give glory to God
My nigga you made it
You went through all of the phases
Now we singing your praises
Word to your God and your angels
That's not what your body was made for
Reach for the stars don't take it to heart
These bitches should take notes
Look up in a rainbow
Pull up in a Range Rove
I show you the ropes
I propose you a toast
Take good over evil stay close to the people who love you the most


AKA Daddy Issues lyrics
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