A-Reece - Couldn't Have Said It Better (CHSIB)  Lyrics

Couldn't Have Said It Better (CHSIB)


Prod: Mashbeats
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A-Reece Couldn't Have Said It Better (CHSIB) lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Song Writer Ronald Lehlogonolo Mataboge, aka A-Reece was born and bred in Pretoria on 27 March 1997. Raised by the streets of Pretoria, the hip-hop talent has always believed that h...

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A-Reece Couldn't Have Said It Better (CHSIB) Lyrics

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[A-Reece - Couldn't Have Said It Better (CHSIB) lyrics]
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Couldn't Have Said It Better #CHSIB
Artist: A-Reece

Produced by: MashBeatz

Album: A-Reece Singles

Download from: SlikourOnLife · Audiomack

[Phone Conversation]
A-Reece: "Yo listen yo Slikour, by the way man I might just give you something today"
Slikour: "Today?"
A-Reece: "Is that cool with you?"
Slikour: "What today?"
A-Reece: "Yeah today"
Slikour: "Aight lets go"
A-Reece: "Aight"

Couldn't have said it better
Part 1

If I got mashed, then I'm covered
Nothing can come between or above us
They scared stiff of what the next move is
And still haven't gotten over what the last one did
I'm looking over my shoulder for a fuck to give
Since you're convinced, there's probably more left
They all from grace, just distractions
We aint stressing em
Say it with your chest when you see me and make the message clear
You rely on sipping hot liquor to cancel out your fear
Quick to shoot the other way
I'm going aiming at your head
Acting like you don't see a nigga
I'm right over here
Told Global that he's safe with us around him
More focus
More cork pulling
Spilling everywhere
Crew foolish
Roll a tight doobie
While the bureau stare
New movement
Look at yall losing to the kids again
They base opinions on popularity status
And that results to them comparing me to whats below the standard
I said that shit on you
Welcome, they still don't understand me
Instead of sounding like a broken record
We working on records
So we break your record
They feel the pressure breaking under it
Talent can't be measured
You aint special
You just funded nigga
Done tolerating these other niggas
And you can take it how you wanna nigga
Let's go catalogue for catalogue
And see who lasts the longest
From 20k to 20 more
And I'm just getting started
Every show we go it large
I'm my own boss
Difference between me and all them stars
They tweet man, I go record
And this is just the calm before the storm
You boys are acting like you got an extra X-chromosome

Fuck (Dintsang jo?)
Shit (Ey jo)
Fuck (Reece)
Man they still think I cant rap (Nah, nah, nah)
Thats the problem (Relaxer mfana)
Shit (Calm down boy)

Yeah (x2)
They know I'm still around, yeah
Your boy 20 now, yeah
Thanking everyone who stuck around
What goes up eventually goes down
What goes around comes around
And what was once below
Must now go up, yeah
Smoking loud at George Lebese house
All this shit to make my mama proud
This the realest that I've written that
Thought you had all this shit figured out
LOL, SMH, middle finger out
The money coming faster than her nigga now
She only fucking with the best
So that leaves you out.
A-Reece Couldn't Have Said It Better (CHSIB) lyrics
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