Cassper Nyovest - Gusheshe (Ft. Okmalumkoolkat) Ft. Okmalumkoolkat Lyrics

Gusheshe (Ft. Okmalumkoolkat)

Cassper Nyovest

Album: Tsholofelo
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Cassper Nyovest Gusheshe (Ft. Okmalumkoolkat) Ft. Okmalumkoolkat lyrics

Born Refiloe Maele Phoolo on 16 December 1990 in a Mafikeng village called Montshiwa, Cassper Nyovest's love for performing before crowds developed at an early age in primary school where he’d always...

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Cassper Nyovest Gusheshe (Ft. Okmalumkoolkat) Lyrics

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[Cassper Nyovest Ft. Okmalumkoolkat - Gusheshe (Ft. Okmalumkoolkat) lyrics]
Ne ke ithotse ke reditse mahipi, be ke dibala go re entlek...
A re shapise mahipi a ndiya daar ko kasi.... (Gushaaa!)

I’m riding round in my...
Gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe [x3]
Catch me riding round in my...
Gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe [x1]
I’m riding round in my...
Gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe gusheshe [x3]

Let’s dumb it down so they understand
Cassper Semenya, yeah I’m the man
My money grows ‘cause reya phanda man
Y’all stuck in the same figure jenge under pan
Ra kinda, damn I been down damn I been down
Cassper Nyovest or I standing it out
You see the broads that I’m handling now
You will come short, divandal is out
Ganela ko tlase, soap ya maphatshe
I’m prolly gonna kick you mara leka
Ntwana ya ko kasi ko phaphakadi then she call me “PAPPI”
But I’m not a father figure
Oh yea, I stack till ceiling then blow it through the weekend
Then I make it back. Man, basically Modimo O refile
How you feeling ba ba katsa skeemi?
Le mahipi ra ba tlatsa skeemi
It’s an oxymoron I become a big deal even though I got a crush on Minnie
Ke phela soo but my raps is hard, you should check out my repertoire
I’m about mad 16 like fan base a ma Repertoire
(Ai, Nyovest... ha-ha)
What you laughing at, man I ain't say SHIT!
My bitches bad bad no kinda complex, your bitches basic
It’s me and Kool Kat on that 325 and we high like spaceships
We rocking Pieces, bitches puzzled they say “Hi” like spaceship
Cheated on my fears, broke up with my doubts
Married to my dreams, carrying the couch
Middle fingers to my exes
(Nyovest, Nyovest, Nyovest, Nyovest, Nyovest)
Ring finger to my next chick
Ngwanao ke mo lahli, ke mo gidlelo wa bafayo
Ooh, that boy bad (like what?) like Dineo Ranaka so


Yithi Maria, uqhwale iprasiya
MalumKoolKat is a problem, inkinga
If you think you fresh to death, I’ ma stirred a seizer
BoyznBucks, we always getting mixed up
Wherever that this chicks are, we always gonna feature
Sipping in that mixture, tipping on the tick-up
I’m laying with your sister; she’s pretty as a picture
I call her Mona Lisa; she’s chilling in my t-shirt
(Nka mo dira)
My lips are where her lips are
And her tits are Pyramids of Giza
And I licks her and I sex her
I’ ma fix her, so I fixed her
Then I kissed her, released her
Told her I’ma text her, only when I need her
Now I’m leaning like the Tower of Pisa
Kats wanna catch up, kodwa ndiya bashiya
FYI, I got Air Max in my sneakers
Plus I’m international, ndume njenge pizza
Pac man, Pac man bonke ndiya ba gwinya
My only competition is that man in the mirror
Days of your lives, uStefano Dimera... Stefano Dimera
I play Stefano Dimera
Si’ncelile, there’s nothing like 325!

Cassper Nyovest Gusheshe (Ft. Okmalumkoolkat) lyrics Ft. Okmalumkoolkat
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