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SoJay Say It (Cover) lyrics

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SoJay Say It (Cover) Lyrics

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[SoJay - Say It (Cover) lyrics]
Uhhhhhhh, yea ehhh

Girl, you supposed do more than that just
(Say It)
You supposed do less when you do it
(Do it)
Lil mama, you know, I!!
(Show It)
I wan make you show me
(Do it)
You supposed more than just
(Say It)
You supposed do less when you
(Do it)
Lil mama, you know, I!!
(Show It)
You gats prove am to me
(Prove It) (Prove It)

Oh yeah
Baby, everyone falls
And everyone falls in love, sometimes
I don’t know ’bout you
I don’t know ’bout you, No
But, it ain’t a crime

I, don’t play with!!
Don’t be dishonest
Still now, I don’t ‘understanding’ this logic
See am back and am better
And I want you bad, as ever
Don’t let me just let off, girl
Cos’, I’ve been working on it
Putting all the time, putting all the time
Putting all the!!

It’s all for you, it’s all for you, babe
It’s all for you, all
(Say It, Do It, Show It, Prove it).
SoJay Say It (Cover) lyrics
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