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SkaiBliss Creamy lyrics

Victor chinonso Prince was born((1st October 2000) who is better professionally known as SkaiBliss,SkaiBliss is a hip hop rapper, singer,songwriter, and fashion designer.[4He started his music career...

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A love and heartbreak melodic lyrics

SkaiBliss Creamy Lyrics

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[SkaiBliss - Creamy lyrics]
No I got to go
You said, you gonna call me
Have been waitin' for too long
You never texted me, or call me
You got me fucked up
What the fuck is this
Got to go
Got to go
Fuck you
Say she gon call me, when she comes back
Waitin for long, so I have to ride back
So' moma told me, I should never go back
But ' I know myself I can't stay without her
Tryna call back, but she never picked up
Bring it back, baby tryna make up
When we stay, we not gonna break up
Gimme key to your heart let me link up
Baby, this your body gat me going crazy
So we Gon dance till we till we dizzy
Let me take you to my bed, and make you go creamy
Body go Creamy
Body go Creamy
Take you out, somewhere and buy you ice cream
Party till the next day, like I never do
African girls gat me going dripping
You understand ee,
Got me dripping
For your fashion, me' I keep on spending ye
No case, if that always what you wantin
No shit, if you will be giving me good loving
If you like sweet boys, me sweet like pussy
Whyne it slowly, lemme take you to my benz o
In my nightmare, is you I keep on seeing
Acting movie, gimme kissing
No bad song I swear recorded in your history
Ye ye ye ye
You got me fucked up
Ye ye
I been waiting for too long
Say you Gon call me, when she comes back
Say you want fresh boy, like me
Let her come lemme give her straffing
Lemme make her body go creamy
Ye ye ye
Body go creamy, ye
Got to put the ice on you, cause your good to coo
So when I'm done fuckin, your good to go
She say that soft, that I'm good to make a boo
In my whole mind, I think she is the lucky bae
Apology to my ex's that invested in me
Got a new babe that will keep on loving me
I think she's the girl that can keep to my dream
Fuck, the bitches that tryna convince me, that they fuckin love me
Then she made the shit, that she fuckin love me
Now she cut Me off, now I'm bleeding on this verse, nigga
She fooled me twice, and now I can't even deal with her
Now I'm taking cocaine that help me get me over the pain
Now your pictures are gone not even in my brain
And my feels are gone, I can't even love again
Now my demons are telling me to fuckin keep her
Now I'm lost, I don't even know if I should take her to the cleaner
Thinking about the days, that I use to undress her
She make me smile, say she want me officially
Now I'm gonna keep my love for you like the promise land
Now we taking pictures, gimme kiss kids
Don't you know that this shit is fucking ungodly
Say she wanna fuck fuck with the woo
Lemme take you to the pool oo
Let me show you what I got for you so cool oo
Me and you on my bed in the mood oo
In the mood oo
Wor wor ye ye
SkaiBliss Creamy lyrics
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