Shobzy - Eruku Ft. Ycee, CDQ, Dremo Lyrics



Feat: Ycee, CDQ, Dremo
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Shobzy Eruku Ft. Ycee, CDQ, Dremo lyrics

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Shobzy Eruku Lyrics

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[Shobzy Ft. Ycee, CDQ, Dremo - Eruku lyrics]
Eni sa’se lo n pa’wo
Urhnnn, na’wo na’wo lo n di baller
“Baby baller, I see you”
Eruku sa lo n pa’wo
“Ja won, ja won, ja won”
Omo’le lo wa di Banker
Urhnnn, oya, eni sa’se lo n pa’wo
“Ehn ehnn, eni sa’se lo n pa’wo”
Na’wo na’wo lo n di baller
“Yea, yea, baby baller, I see you, fii le”
Eruku sa lo n pa’wo
“Ja won, ja won, ja won”
Omo’le lo wa di Banker

[Verse 1 – CDQ]
Woss, eni sa’se lo n pa’wo
“Pa’wo, err, fii le, wo’bi”
Olosho lo wa di Waiter
“Ehnn? Er err, maamii, s’o mo?”
Olowo t’o tun sa’wo
“Sa’wo, sa’wo, sa’wo, fii le”
Na’wo na’wo wa di Mola
“Er err” Eni sa’se lo n j’aye
“Woss woss, wo’bi”
Maroko lo wa di Quilox
“Shobzy, I see you”
Won l’Olosho lo l’aye
Er err, CDQ yea yea
“Won pe eee”
Ja’wo ja’wo wa di Maga
“Ehn, woss, fii le”
Ti sigidi ba ti fe te, a l’ohun fe lo Bar Beach
Won fe mu mi, mo bo l’owo won bi I ti Cat Fish

Revelation of OT, from Genesis
Mo gbo fere ode, so, mo dulge shots – nemesis
Mo ni la ti kaku bii Lukaku tori goal mi
Awon omo elenu Ceiling Fan, won fe blow mi
Won gbe mo s’ori gan, bii Naija, won glow mi
E ma je kin f’owo s’sere, la ra toro l’ale “uhh”
Eleje lo di Legend, Eruku lo di Legend “woss”
Eleje lo di Legend, Eruku ni Jesu

Eni sa’se lo n pa’wo
Urhnnn, na’wo na’wo lo n di baller
“Baby baller, I see you”
Eruku sa lo n pa’wo
“Ja won, ja won, ja won”
Omo’le lo wa di Banker

[Verse 2 – Dremo]
Code Name – Dremo
Oya, eni sa’se lo n pa’wo
Account be reading close to Seven 0s
I carry First, Ajebutter from the ghetto
Na them brag pass, but drag last, bi ti Claro
Became a Millionaire n’igba ti won sign mi mehn
Head boys e ti wa gan si n wa’se ni mehn
Half a million for a show, tun gba MTC
Mo n je’se Spectranet
Won ni good server n’ibeyen
You dey ask how you been?

I say “ca va bien”
Your chick’ really playful, She sliding my DM
Today, she go first coup on my PM
When she comes by 10pm
For breath -taking, fast -taken, slow beeping
Pinpin ehn, mira oyato
Ogbeni, see ehnn “Ogbeni, see ehnn”
Even star star struck when he see ’em “when he see ’em”
And miyon gat the game on lock
Especially, and Shobzy telling mama
we’ getting million In a minute, yea

Eni sa’se lo n pa’wo
“Dremo, you already know”
Na’wo na’wo lo n wo Gucci
“Am fresh from my head to my toe”
Eruku sa lo n fa’gbo
“Fa’gbo, fa’gbo”
“Am fockking wild, them say “Drunkman Alert!””
K’a de shine, k’a lo wo Porsche
“Me and my nighhers proved to be loyal”

[Verse 3 – Ycee]
Oya, ATM sa l’o n ya’wo
These girls trynna be my Iyawo
They all say they love now
Addresses life, ain’t fockking with Yahoo
They’ve been wondering ‘Who are you?’
Zero smellos, zero ballu
Living my life like ‘Akuna Matata’
So, all of that hating, It don’t even matter
Dumb nighhers wanna act smart
Why y’all bishi, I can seal It for the black card
Yea, we put a couple millions In the car park
And I dey bill boss, but I no be advert
Yeah, you’ getting crushed like a wover
Met a koko, ready for the paper

Mehn, I blow that money out of C -Town
So, you know my park Is gat to feel safer
You know, I come through with a Lexus
And I only see the money on a radar
Back then, they say ‘Nighher was a meager’
Nowadays, everybody – me famous
But, I'm stranting to bad
We do same thing in Lagos
I remember the times when the bobo’s a famous
I travel so much, mehn, I don’t know my neighbors
I only conVerse with the Movers and Shakers

[Verse 4 – Shobzy]
You dey game, you dey game
If you’ no game, you’ no game
Shout out to my n1gga wey game
Shout out to ma goons wey game
Badtek, my n1gga got game
Boss -Men, my n1gga got game
Owokunle, I know you got game
Jaymen, my n1gga got game
Woss, eleje lo di Legend
Eruku lo di Legend
Woss, eleje lo di Legend, yea
Awon t’emi di Legend, wo o
Eleje lo di Legend, wo o

Ajebutter leave Street for the hustlers
“Hustlers, hustlers”
Oya, go home to your mama
“Mama, mama”
Cos’, the hood Is tough.
Shobzy Eruku lyrics Ft. Ycee, CDQ, Dremo
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