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Sarkodie Silence lyrics

Sarkodie, the fourth of five children, was born and raised in Tema,to his mother Maame Aggrey. Sarkodie started rapping at a young age and continued throughout his educational career. He attended Tema...

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Sarkodie Silence Lyrics

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[Sarkodie - Silence lyrics]
[Verse 1: Suli Breaks]
He is the one that welds the microphone of legend
The wordsmith who scriptures shall exalt the people
The beast who wrestled with rap legacy and came out victorious
He is the Shakespeare of this Gh poetry
Usain bolt when it comes to running these tracks
Officially weighing in unprecedented amounts of greatness
Standing at a reported height of flyer than the rest of these niggas
His personal record undefeated
Over ten years plus chilling at the top of the game
One of the greatest mentors I've ever communicated via microphone in Ghana
Yes that's including Dr Kwame Nkrumah
Coming straight out of community nine, Tema
Your mandems champion
Your people's champion
Your cities champion
Your countries champion
Your world champion
We present to you
The highest
[Verse 2: Sarkodie]
Ɛmmra mo shɛ Giuseppe's
Anna Winter, Dolce and Gabbana's
Na mi rocki droppi lines diɛ bɛma mifans akɔ bananas
Ohieniba tisɛmi let me see your hands if you know my story
Sɛ won tiyɛ diɛa kɔ na kɔ hwɛ Wikipedia kofi akatapori
Been around from 1995 bisa Reggie zippie, shata wale, hammer, sugartone
Na label bia pɛsɛ yɛbɛ signi mi but fuck it I did it on my own
Tema boy niɛ mi danasie ni Dr Duncan
Ibi only you who saw the dream
Angelo, Black Nana, Sammy Forson, Urban effects, Mensa the dream team
Ɛmmra na yɛ kɔ back and forth who's the best rapper so far
Are you serious? Like seriously? Like duh!
Woti Ghana na wo best rapper nyɛ Sarkodie nigga you on some bullshit
Obiaa mi acti movie kwraa mibɔ mitim yɛ freestyle no script
Miwɔ school na boys frɛmi motion
Menumun sɛm dɔɔ su like the ocean
Eyaa na muwrefi sɛ me yɛ OG
Make you go back and listen ma old shit
Started from the bottom now we here
Ɔmusi obidi woyɛ don misi yeah
Nana bie nanu kasaa okyeame ni si wie
Ɔmusi ya twen wo nyum nakye so mu gyea yeah
[Verse 3: Suli Breaks]
Many shall come and many shall fall
Claiming that they have the strength to pull the sword from the stone and have a claim to the throne
These fools are ghast and they'll only see that their out of their caliber
When they realize it takes more than hype to swing the scarlet bar
That you can feel like a champ until you've had to last one round in this game
[Verse 4: Sarkodie]
Okay let's take it back to basics
Mmra na community 7 hosti carnivals
We used to dream sɛ yɛ pushi Mercedes
No one gave a fuck treati yɛn like we be animals
Mamun compare mi so embarrassing
Mikuta rap keeping it from perishing
Yɛ hwehwɛ mi sɛ osama cause ma dropi bomb ma wiasi afane nyinaa si mibɛyɛ rap hu servicing
What is up with all this devil shit
When you know that I'm the opposite
Money making on ma mind
Wopɛ Sarkodie attention diaa ɛne droppi mi deposit
Don't you ever give me attitude
First of all cause I don't fuck with you
Motiti Ghana na kasa bebree mini Titi yɛdi yacht wɔ malibu
Forgetti fame gimme some dollars
Og's up in the game connecti powers
King Sark kweku piccasso how many hours wey we dey take dey drop hits if you allow us
Dawggi some of the rappers most of them dem be cowards
Yɛpɛ 20 milli you still be talking in towers
Ma murder mo cheap nti mini time a medi dwen miho mɛba monkyɛn a na miibɛ droppi flowers uh
I know you can't believe it
Makyɛ wɔ game nimu still a mi rappi
And I can never be defeated
Mi hyɛ Studio na woti club snapi
Woti aanyɛ yie na sɛ cypher bi pae na sɛ edru mi sua gyi wubu nkotojwe sɛ sarki passi
Ma droppi mo back to back
Delivery ni punch miyɛ a seimu dodo chale Jay cutti
[Verse 5: Suli Breaks]
The king shall separate the real from the fake with the wisdom of Solomon
Time and time again he will prove that he is David against the Goliaths
They will try to doubt him in their defiance
When he falls they will applaude
But eventually when he rises
And he will time and time again
His victory anthem will be their silence
Sarkodie Silence lyrics
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