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Nasty C Throw It Back lyrics

[h]Early Beginings[/h] Nsikayesizwe Ngcobo or David Ngcobo junior, also known as Nasty C is a South African rapper. He’s fast gaining waves of interest in his local music industry and in South Africa...

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Nasty C Throw It Back Lyrics

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[Nasty C - Throw It Back lyrics]
[Verse 1]
I tell her back it up, dip, dump it, drop it, bust it
I hit her with the 8th finger, I call that Octopussy
Hmm, we getting hella trippy, puffing chronics
Sipping Grey Goose, Cranberry to dash, like a minus
Yeah I give her that D, she a dumb ass student
All you n1ggas actin' tough and I say fvck that movie
If you n1ggas got balls, I'm stunt man stupid
Eating all you ghost rappers, 2 Pac-man movement
Team C'zzle till the 24th hour on a sunday
Yeah your ass fly till I hit you with that bug spray
In the club women give me love
VIPing middle fingers up, we don't give a fvck
Till we get like 50 Million bucks, we ain't giving up, let me hit a blunt, taking shots of Cirôc and Vodka, blakka they hit me up
All you n1ggas kicking feminine bars, my devilish bars got her on my metallic balls, n1gga what

Throw It Back (throw it back x3)
Throw It Back (throw it back x3)
She Throw It Back (throw it back x3)
Throw It Back (throw it back x3)
Yea if you can twerk somethin', then you worth somethin'
If you can twerk somethin', then you worth somethin'
If she can twerk somethin', then she worth somethin'
If she can twerk somethin', maybe we can work somethin'

[Verse 2]
Now she knows I'm finna dive face first in thighs
Shorty wanna blow me like dirt in eyes
I got her hella wet (its only safe that I swim in the)
Shallow end
Boy I'm finna knock her like trick or treat, halloween
I am finn hit her with that choo-choo
FreeWorldMusic, ho, #NewRules
And we burn 'em flowers, only know to turn up louder
Hella paid, y'all runnin' out on the 23rd hour
I sent a VIP invitation to your mom
And you probably lost your virginity to your palms, mine itching
Boy I'm got-gifted
And I'm possibly as hot as satin's mom's kitchen
And you know l'm living off another n1gga's big dreams
Model-popping, bottle-popping, club-hopping at 16
And my had is on the part of her body you call private
She clinching on my middle finger, I call it chopsticks, I'm godly


[Verse 3]
Shorty, Shorty, Shorty be my super-fan
I don't know if I'm too high, but sh1t, her booty span
Well I am finna eat it while its drooping man
Let her sit her ass on my chest, Superman
I get Nasty with persistence
Now go on and drop it this instant
She told me she's in need of assistance
She busted open like; “well n1gga, go ahead and fix it”

Nasty C Throw It Back lyrics
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