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No Respect

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Nasty C No Respect lyrics

[h]Early Beginings[/h] Nsikayesizwe Ngcobo or David Ngcobo junior, also known as Nasty C is a South African rapper. He’s fast gaining waves of interest in his local music industry and in South Africa...

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Nasty C No Respect Lyrics

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[Nasty C - No Respect lyrics]
New carrots check hold my vision it's perfect though
I wake up to henny
I don't fuck with no espresso
I don't want no sex
Cause your pussy got a echo
And I don't respect hoes
Cause I'm from the ghetto
Niggas dick riding
Still dick riding
It is what it is
Count the chips in private
I hit the jackpot
I hit the big pinata
I make the black money
Take a real clean shower
Cash paper memo
I get it
Got it tenfold
Exercise your neck bone
Suck me to the temple
Stare at the money, gecko
Big money make you nervous
Heart beat metro
Stack-stack-stack it
Rack it
Pack it
Sack it
Breed it
Duplicate it
Magic... magic
Ivyson religion is awesome
I'm not selfish with the skopas
They call me dick in daughter
I put a dick in your aah.
Nasty C No Respect lyrics
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