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Nadia Nakai Paying Ft. Yung Swiss lyrics

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Nadia Nakai Paying Lyrics

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[Nadia Nakai Ft. Yung Swiss - Paying lyrics]
Pardon me, I'm just trippin' off this Henny
Fuck with me best believe they gon get it
It's the tree and I promise we ain't playin'
You in the club 'cause you probbaly know my name
I'm only here 'cause they paying
I'm only here 'cause they paying
these bitches wack, I see em
I'm only here 'cause they paying
I'm only here 'cause they
[Verse 1]
I'm only here 'cause they pay enough
Matter fact, they done paid up
I'm only here 'cause I play ground
Funny thing's I don't play much
I won't be here for a long time
I'm only here 'cause the kicks right
Shout out [?] se my day one man
One time for the late nights
Tell her my nigga you know her
We never fuck with these fuckboys
Can never love or trust y'all
If you got a problem then fuck y'all
We about to get it can't nobody stop us
Can't nobody top it, ain't no better topic
Ain't nobody cop it 'cause I'm hella focussed
I'm Riri you Cindi Loper
that means you old school
Overrated my nigga, no good
I know I sound good
Never ever ever needed Protools
From the bottom we came up
This rap shit been my day job
Always gotta act right
But right know...
[Verse 2]
A sixteen ain't a problem
I could do this shit ten times
Only got two niggas but you ain't fucking with my empire
Thirteen had a dream, twenty two a nigga made it
They said they want another verse
Now they all gon get it
I'm all set with the rows
Flawless with the flows
I treat pussy like blunt, pass it on to the bros
Give a fuck what a nigga say man
I'm too hot it's like I been to hell
My bruh a hitta he a fucking problem
He get pussy he don't even tell
Nowadays it's hard to tell what's what
Niggas act like bitches
So even if a nigga got a black belt
Know he still can't kick it
You livin life in the matrix
To the blueprint, still flexing
Usually I don't say much but I'm wasted

Nadia Nakai Paying lyrics Ft. Yung Swiss
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