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Coming of Age

Kid Tini

Album: Coming of Age
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Kid Tini Coming of Age lyrics

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Kid Tini Coming of Age Lyrics

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[Kid Tini - Coming of Age lyrics]
[Verse 1]
They catch a handful of feelings
'Cause we throw them in chunks
I done sharpened up the raps but the lyrics is blunt
See they couldn't top this if we was sharing a bunk
'Cause you something like a coupe
I put your top in the trunk
It's that work
Know these words like the back of my hand
Don't get it twisted
That don't mean we moving backwards
Back to rapping, I master what they gon practice
These niggas catfish
They act like [?]
But they just average, you bastards
[?] I need a brush and a canvas
To paint the damage, amaze the [?], smile for the cameras
I swear this pen got a mind of its own
So it'll leave your mind blown like a nine to your dome
Young Cassius on the verse but I'm Frazier with the hooks
And I'm gunning for the crown, the king and you a rook
Like this a game of chess
Ain't no testing the kid's finesse
I hope you brought a vest
Aim for anybody you might call the best
[Verse 2]
Ey yo I'mma let my thoughts soak into this beat
Pardon me, this shit is deep
Hol' up, I'mma need to breathe
Watch how you approach
'Cause I'm tryna be the GOAT nigga
Mainstream got the sheep sleeping on a woke nigga
Start the noise boy I live to destroy
Spit that shit that separate the men from the boys
They pull out their toys, I would always play with the words
My father's son, so I thought the traits come with the name
But I've lived to overcome it with my coming of age
And now we just rip shit if you talk smack
With ten strokes from the forehand
Frankly I'm disappointed
But all the heavyweights at the top
Who got it twisted like a thick bitch in a straw hat
Ain't running game at a common pace
But we makin' holy scribes, make the gods relate, nigga
[Verse 3]
Somebody tell me where they find these niggas
So we can snipe them where they spawn from, body niggas
Get the message a cross and make some Godly figures
Get it?
Get the message across, make some Godly fuck it
Told you cats it's nothing
You quick to judge but you miss the punch
But that sticky still keep me numb but I keep in touch
With the music, was on the bench like I'm Mr. Vice
I'm making moves and I'm still improving, you niggas stuck
I can't be loosening grip
While you snoozing I script to cut your dome off
I'm used to the cliffs I'm close to the edge
Fuck around and lose it you bitch
You was talkin' like you hot but couldn't prove it you bitch
Cuff a fan and cuff your chick
You might just lose them you bitch
'Cause I'm finna block your shine like a lunar eclipse
And we heard you cats mad
'Cause you hearing what your raps lack
Prolly should enroll in a drama school
I'm a class act

Kid Tini Coming of Age lyrics
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