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One By One

Kenny Wonder

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Kenny Wonder One By One Ft. Oritse Femi lyrics

Kenny Wonder born Kehinde, Elisha, Olubunmi, OluShola on Saturday 19th September 1987 is a Nigerian Musician, Record Producer, Song-writer, Businessman, Entrepreneur. Kenny Wonder started the Phat Jam...

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Kenny Wonder One By One Lyrics

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[Kenny Wonder Ft. Oritse Femi - One By One lyrics]
Uh, oh, uh, oh, eh, oh, yeh
Sample, sample, ehh
Kenny Wonder le leyi, Oritse Femi
You already know (tell them)

[Kenny Wonder]
I don go many places (places)
I don see many people (people)
I don jam many faces (faces)
Wetin my ear don hear,
I no believe o (oh yeah)
No be God dey my side? Seh no be
God dey my side? Oh, uh, oh
Enemies dey wait make I fall, Jehovah
just make me dey stand gidi-gba, eh

Na so-so blessing dey come my way
(Dey come my way)
Say, na so-so favour, I dey receive
everyday, oh, ohh
I go dey count my blessing, each
and everyday

Say na One By One (Na One By One)
One By One oo [One By One oo]
Eh, eh, eh, ahh

[Kenny Wonder]
Back then, back then, my brother,
back then, nobody want send me, oh
Back then, back when I no dey make
sense, nobody want play me, oh
[nobody know me eh]
If you don’t know this,
(if you don’t know this)
if you don’t this,level don change oo (you don’t know nothing)

If you don’t know this, you don’t
know say the boy don upgrade o
Say the peace and love I dey feel
only comes from the Almighty (Almighty)
And the joy, e dey do me weni-weni
like Duncan Mighty (Duncan Mighty o)

And if them like, them yimu-yimu
Holy Ghost Fire, eh
Am going higher (higher, higher)
Say them no fit stop me
Say me, I tell them say.

[Repeat Chorus X2]

[Oritse Femi]
Awe, ka’ju n’be, k’o ye ma a hate
Everbody dey hustle to be great
Nobody wey carry money come this world
(Tell them)
We all are living under the grace of God
(Se’ gbo?)

Bi o ba, o pa, k’o ju u l’ese,
l’omo ar’aye, aye o fe’ni fe’re
Aseni tu bani daaro ma l’omo araye
Aye o f’eni f’oro o
A tun n gbe tuntun bo [je k’on mo]
A tun gbe tuntun de (uh, uh)

Musical Taliban and Kenny Woner lon p’ede
Everybody, oya, e j’aye
Everyday we dey jam am, we dey rock am
Oya, make every people just dey smile
like, iyeh, iyehh
Oh my merciful God, na you make everything
dey work, ehh

[Repeat Chorus X2]

Y’all, Musical Taliban, hanging out
with the most freshest Kenny Wonder
Je k’on moo, i Jams in the building
Yeah, Breeze, finest, I see you
Tell them, eh? Oya now, oya now
Ehnn, Kenny Wonder mix.
Kenny Wonder One By One lyrics Ft. Oritse Femi
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