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Joyous Celebration Ngiyakuthanda lyrics

A dream was born between three friends more than 20 years ago in KZN, today this dream stands as a colossal monument across the music industry in South Africa. Jabu Hlongwane, Lindelani Mkhize and Mth...

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Joyous Celebration Ngiyakuthanda Lyrics

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[Joyous Celebration - Ngiyakuthanda lyrics]
Ngiyakuthanda, ngiyakuthanda
Ngiyakuthanda ngenhliziyo yami
Lord, I love you. Lord, I love you.
Lord, I love you with all of my heart
Ngiyakudinga, ngiyakudinga
Ngiyakudinga ngenhliziyo yami
Oh! oh oh oh, oh oh oh
Oho oho oho oho
We worship you
Ninakupenda, ninakupenda
Ninakupenda na moyo wangu.

Joyous Celebration Ngiyakuthanda lyrics
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