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HHP Harambe lyrics

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HHP Harambe Lyrics

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[HHP - Harambe lyrics]
Everybody, Thasman, Jabbaman, Dimitri
Maxhoba, making history

Harambe… he… he… he
Harambe…he… he… he

Mfethu ke le nosi ke diga dikgosi
Boss from the day ke belegwa
Even before ke le HARA MME
O swaka defeat you like Barker
Break your neck by only using ditlhaka
Spread enough to go NGWANA MME
Clinch your fist and write a list of
Everybody you know who’s gotten you pissed of
Coz from here we only say HARAMBE
Dirisanang tshidisanang nigga…

[Verse 1]
Yo… I shoot faster than Trinity
I stand taller than Liberty
Even the Hulk bulk as he is, is afraid of me
I’m an enemy, go through any means to get rid of me
Whether you do voo-doo or any means at all to consider me
Just like anybody, don’t you know gore Jabbaman is considered general
Coz already Skwatta be the animal
Aint nothing I’ve done that hasn’t left you le sa makale
Burning like match sticks, controversial like an exposed match fix
Stand out like clitoris on extreme black chicks
And stuck in here like ice cream when the tongue licks
Intense like cyclone when the mighty hand picks
The propaganda Jabba slender be the game
Hotter than panda gowa dependa on the day
That shakes the blender, make you tender when you say
That’s why I spenda, a lot of randa on the blaze


[Verse 2]
I’m not the political type
Not the type to fake an image for the sake of this whole consciousness type
Never been called a kaffir before
Can’t imagine seeing 10 cops and dogs charging through my front door
Can’t say what teargas smell liked
Can’t even imagine what a rubber bullet on your back felt like
Can’t imagine holding guns in my palms
Can’t imagine ke go bona carrying Hector Peterson in your arms
But it’s because of you that I don’t speak Afrikaans today
I have chance today, because of you Joe I can dance today
Without having to show you my pass
Self employed because of you I don’t call no one a Bass
Because of you Joe I’m a star now
Black man who’s going far now
I’m the type of brother who can drink in any bar now
Because of you Joe I’m educated
Because of you the black youth of today is emancipated
Harambe… he… he… he
When I flipping Setswana o sa nkena
I’m on point like an antenna
Be forming you like loose burner
Keeping heads warm like a bandana


Bambisanani Tshwarisanane… X8
HHP Harambe lyrics
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