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Gemini Major Wagwan Ft. Yanga Chief lyrics

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Gemini Major Wagwan Lyrics

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[Gemini Major Ft. Yanga Chief - Wagwan lyrics]
What's with the million questions
Girl you got me losing my patience
Trippin' 'bout the girls in my mentions
I'm a bad man you know it
She know my story
Baby tell me wagwan (x6)

[Verse 1: Gemini Major]
Drinking Henny no
Rolling weed with that paper
I never call, I never text her
Too many girls in my section
Rude boy pon da block
Rude boy where I'm from, tell 'em say wattagwan
Rasta man, proper locks
Who the man, who the boss
I'm the don don don
Hennessy in my cup
She wanna roll with a bad guy
North God got the answers
Probably dancers at the mansion


[Verse 2: Yanga]
Collab, pull up, relax
I got too much finesse
Let the hook up connect
New friends tryna hit up my text
I'm GG 'til the moola connects
So khokh'
Khokh' (x4)
Khokh' umoya
Khokh' (x5)
Khokh' umoya
Got all my fingers on the bible
I never give a girl a title
Okay she could've been a side girl
She fucking with it for survival
I'm five-to with never negative, just love
I vibe to opheth' iCheddar nespachi sayo
My life movie getting edited just now
My side boo getting benefits fucked up


Dat man live under pressure
All these girls I don't chase 'em
Boss man ting nahmean yah-ah
Cause 'm a bad man you know this
You know my story
Baby tell me wagwan (x3)
Gemini Major Wagwan lyrics Ft. Yanga Chief
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