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Rich Is Gangster

Frank Casino

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Frank Casino Rich Is Gangster lyrics

Frank Casino (real name: Nhlanhla Tshabalala) was born and raised in the heart of Kempton Park, Tembisa. Frank began to develop his creatively ecumenical sound in 2004 back in high school. In 2005, Fr...

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Frank Casino Rich Is Gangster Lyrics

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[Frank Casino - Rich Is Gangster lyrics]
[Verse 1]
I got mixtape bars niggas
I don’t miss takes when it comes to these bars niggas
So full of bars I should probably charge niggas
I’ll be on this boss shit till the day I’m in charge, nigga
And with these bars, I’ll probably have all I need for bail
And every story that I tell is not a fairytale
I’m selling soul music but the soul is not for sale
I’m the centre of my city, cruising down Allendale
Thinking to myself, rich is not enough
I could with wealth, not even sure if that's enough
I don’t ever fail, I prevail and I’m passing up
Everything that's mine, man it's yours, it belongs to us, yeah
Mi La Familia, making sure we brings the deals up
Envelopes with the gwala so full, that bitch don’t seal up
Banana coupé tops, that roof gotta peel up
Making sure that I boost when I move, Yeezy Adidas

Franky they need us
They really do… yeah

[Verse 2]
Searching for myself in this music shit
I need original material out, dog I’m too legit
Gotta have that capital on lock, that option won’t shift
And I made a promise to myself that we’ll all be rich
Yeah, we got goals and the aim is to exceed the scores
99 problems, 48 Powers Of law
Help manoeuvre through the sewer, shit I can’t ignore
My checklist says I need a cheque to be listed on Forbes
Big money shit, BMF’ing Money Mitch
PMS’ing rappers they behaving on some funny shit
Bitches acting saucy cos at times I ain’t finna dip
Tell them they can have them wet me if they ever see me slip
But, the weight on my shoulders really broadens my shoulders
Tell them hop on board, I sail the ship up like I’m Noah
Too wavy I switch these flows up, re-up you see the glow up
Sickening when I throw up, the E, my side, my coast up


[Verse 3]
Fuck a co-sign but if you talking cheques then it's you that I co-sign
I always gotta get mine
If they say the favour’s free, they do it just to buy time
Till they really need you for whatever at the right time
Don’t conform to the industry standards
Always remember the industry is standard
I don’t take it if its free handed
I’m painting pictures like its free handed
I’ve been hot, black nigga tanning
Tracing my paper through these machines like a nigga scanning
See it hacks them you would swear I’m doing the scamming
This is called preparation and planning
This is being one piece with yourself when abandoned
Vision panning, a lot wider and we stretching the perspective
Dapper Don, move silent, enter by the exit
Never borrow nothing, always show up least expected
Gotta own your throne fuck a loan they expected, nigga

Taking all nigga, yeah...

Gold city boy bout to fuck your plans up
The one who does supply even though the demands up
Got em in a stick-up​, all I see is their hands up
La Cosa Nostra money, motherfucker

Frank Casino Rich Is Gangster lyrics
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