Fireboy Dml - 24 (Interlude)  Lyrics

24 (Interlude)

Fireboy Dml

Album: Apollo
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Fireboy Dml 24 (Interlude) lyrics

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Fireboy Dml 24 (Interlude) Lyrics

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[Fireboy Dml - 24 (Interlude) lyrics]
24 years and nothing don change
Some old house In the same old same place
I dey see am for your eyes
E dey your eyes
You don't feel alive
There's no more life
I wish I could feel your pain
But lai lai e no fit to be the same
Memories never dies
They never die
You don't feel alive
(I don't feel alive)
You are such a fool
Why you go do this all for love
Nothing wey I fit do
The damage has been done
How many more years before you realize
People don change
The love no dey lie
But you go dey okay
You go dey alright
If not today then tomorrow night
Whatever you do
Just know that I love you
And you go dey okay
You go dey alright
Fireboy Dml 24 (Interlude) lyrics
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