Dance For Me


Feat: Mr Eazi

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Dance For Me Lyrics

its your boy Eazi

Eugy official

music so sexual

4x Shocky Shocky Miss Al Qaeda baby dance for me and dab

No body can do the wyne like this

Tell me I be one you oh

And everybody go dey call me

Ino dey carry boss like a

Well if you give me dance

You go chop tip

Baby girl

Oya give me chance make you chop tip

How she do the Yakaya

She set the whole club on fire

Weh her body big like bombaya

Her body big like bombaya

She say she no want no wahala

She no wan no wahala

Cause she need a real man like a Mandana

She go give me, me I never see eh

8x Shocky Shocky Miss Alkayida baby dance for me and dab

She be try to hold my hand oh

Showed that she wanna do the tang oh

I dey tell her she be fine

All the time wey she dance

They are sweet to sey mango

So whyne up your waist for me babe

Alkayida dey drive me crazy

The way you kill the dance dem ah real tit

I love your style and nobody can debate it

Let me see your shocky shocky

Oh girl Make you take it low

Girl move your body body

No rush baby take it slow

Take it slow

I swear you know

Anywhere you Dey be I‘ll go

8x Shocky Shocky Miss Alkayida baby dance for me and dab.
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