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Album: DIY II
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Emtee DIY 2 lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Emtee (Mthembeni Ndevu) was born in Matatiele, South Africa. He grew up in Rockville, Soweto, a major township in the Gauteng Province. In an interview on South African channel ANN7...

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Emtee DIY 2 Lyrics

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[Emtee - DIY 2 lyrics]
Lot of shit is on my mind
I don't wanna waste time
Get the paper cause I grind
They be spying tryna find
What the fuck is on my mind
To a hater, yeah I'm blind
I'm a boss, yeah I sign
Put a fuck nigga in line
I been workin' that's for certain
And I keep it low key
Why the fuck these niggas
Acting like they on know me
Got some money, show me
Maybe we can close a deal
I be with the OGs
They talking more Gs
If I was you, I would shut up
'Cause I'm the gangsta here
Cribby got the chandeliers
I just had a dapper year
Room is full of trappers yeah
Balling like we care for this
Now you niggas dabbing yeah
None of you niggas carrying yeah
Dala ng'gudla ntwana
Better show some respect
I was broke, now private jets
They be extra with the thirst
They ain't pulling off yet
I been posted with the set
Pull up on me with some meds
And I ain't talking to the press
Dala befun' amahit
Fede ngiyaspana keep waiting on it
Whole clique in this bitch
No bitch in the mix
Niggas be having a fit
They know they were lit
Switching up the whole switch
'Til you all get rich

What can we do?
Only money that I want

D.I.Y 2 shit
Better get widdit

This is what you're here for
This is just the intro

But I got them bitches kids so... yeah
What you're here for
This is just the intro

But I got them bitches kids so... yeah

Yeah man
D.I.Y is finally here
We go that new jig in the streets though
It's the D.I.Y jig
And it go...

D.I.Y 2 shit
Better get widdit
Emtee DIY 2 lyrics
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