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Dremo Zone Out Sessions lyrics

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Dremo Zone Out Sessions Lyrics

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[Dremo - Zone Out Sessions lyrics]
Yes, yes y’all
I go by the Code Name Dremo
You already know what time it is
And this is my Zone Out Session
You already know what time it is
Free Me TV
No Terry G up in this bitchh
Yea yea yea yea yea
It’s DMW baby o sa a mo?
Am going in no interior
Uh, urhh

Flows mi ti n binu ju
Hungry for fame and tasting two girls
with the biggest B******
And want come dey gimme that German Juice
Wonder about the brand new German Mercedes
Drive am go meet my day 1 hommies
Like “my nighhers, we made it
we didn’t loose”
Was at the background for a while
In fact, mo pe n be
My career no gree push
Like pikin wey no want comot hin mama belle
I still dey hot trynna stop me
E ma pe n be
We go tail for the game
Lyrical terrorist wey dey keep like Osama bear-bear
Hu, hu, huu and voodoo can’t bully you if you live to size
Belittle when nighhers who stripple on my nisue size
The David of our time
But, no be story wey I go take kich you
When I puzzle my flows around you
Nobody wey go fit get the riddle
If you’re on-top right now, then amma see you there
There’s something you should think about of
over the weekend
It’s baby-mama told me when it’s raining
and she’s really wet
Like she scored against Milan
She used the internet and download my photos
And moan to that shiit
She go download my videos and come to that shiit
She go download my music
Sing along to that shiit
She ‘ont listen to nobody else
Now she put me on repeat nighher, whuhh
My music banging on the street, nighher, whuhh
Everybody dey take my pics, nighher, whuhh
When my fans tweet, I dey retweet, nighher,
I sign autographs sotey, my ink finish, nighher, whuhh
Two kind pish can’t run on this shiit
Even if they’ good, am the only captain
up in this bitchh, whuhh
Fockk what all these nighhers think
am trynna fockk hin bitchh
Am trynna stick my dick up in this bitchh, whuhh
Anytime wey them feature me, their manager
go tell them they gat to go harder on the beats, whuhh
Nobody say they no dey talented
But, c’mon, it’s Dremo we’ talking about here
That’s how it’s supposed to be

Joko feregede k’o gbo nkan ti mo ba n so
Sit back, relax, listen this one no be Dance Hall
Ladies want dey do me like say I be occupation
Ko si were, baby oya, si i demarcation
Fresh jerseys black jeans on red cap on
Emi ni boss, emi ni chief, emi ni capon
Won p’emi l’handsome girls don’t want to act wrong
Nitori mo ti fi fine boy sare chance won
First they show fresh then they make up for me, ah
Won ji i fun mi, like say them dey wake up for me, ah
Nighher, no dey call me if it ain’t about the money
Lady, no dey call me if you no wanna gimme punani, ah
Shout out to the deat beats hating on the nighher
Go collect NAFDAC number, make we kuku know say you’ legal
Ain’t give a F I only do the money dance
And if I no know say you no like me,
then fockk you in advance
See, everywhere I go, e be like say them dey owe me
Cos’, them dey pay me respect
Even people wey no know me
Times wey I dey thirsty, won o fun mi l’omi
Now that am the best thing, won p’emi l’hommy, yea

Going out studio
Awon boys ma a ju e s’ita la i se Outro
O sa mo? Zone Out
Free Me TV
T’o ba feel me make una feel me

They’re after me am on the run
And this paper chasing after me
Delivering and lyrically, am impeccable
Be me is try to be the best
Am incredible
When it’s chaa time, I chaa all these other rappers
In the mean time, am chilled, then am looking dapper
All of my girls thick and big, with them bigi bakas
So, chick can twerk get a shoe make a...
Dremo Zone Out Sessions lyrics
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