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Album: Iyanu
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DJ Spinall Skit Ft. Sharon Nasa lyrics

About Skit

“Skit” is the fourth track on DJ Spinall’s Iyanu. It is a skit. A skit is a form of sketch comedy that appears on an album or mixtape and is usually written and performed by the artists themselves. This seems to be a voice message from Desmond’s, DJ Spinall’s birth name, friend Sharon Nasa. She is upset over the fact that he has checked up on her in the last two days. From the last words she says in the message, we can conclude that she is clingy.

DJ Spinall Skit Lyrics

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[DJ Spinall Ft. Sharon Nasa - Skit lyrics]
Have you lost your actual mind?
You have gone two days and you haven't said a word
Like what kind of stupid ass friendship do you think this is?
Do you think this works on your terms?
When you feel like, I don't know
Oh my friend Sharon Nasa or whatever the fuck you call me
Oh then no motherfucker
You don't go two days and not say a word
Not oh hey did you get to where ever the fuck you were getting alright?
Like what the fuck?
It doesn't work like that
It's a two-way friendship okay
So you don't just do what
Umm I don't know
You just don't do as you please
You just don't do that
Anyway, how are you?
You're so annoying
How... You've gone two days and you haven't a...
You've been weird in fact these last couple of days
Actually the last past week
You've been fucking weird, haven't you?
You haven't said nothing to me
We've barely spoken
As had to be the one who has...
Oh Desmond how are you?
No fuck off Desmond
You fucking check in on me okay
I miss you that's all.
DJ Spinall Skit lyrics Ft. Sharon Nasa
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