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We Dem A Say


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Demarco We Dem A Say lyrics

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Demarco We Dem A Say Lyrics

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[Demarco - We Dem A Say lyrics]

Dem seh mi f nuff gyah yeh a me that
Dem seh mi love meck money yeh a me that
A bay bad man friend yeh a me that
Mix mi wid batty pu–y hole yuh a idiot[Chorus:]
Thunder roll and bruk mi neck
Mi no f man and man never f mi yet
The gyal dem have whole heap a love fi get
The whole a wi the gyal dem would a love fi get
Cause a we dem a seh
We dem a seh
The whole a TGE dem a seh
We dem a seh A we dem a seh
Dem seh bun up gone a lead dem a seh[Verse 1:]
Gyal and money and weed
A that we ever ghetto youth need
But nuff a dem switch go turn bi–h because a greed
Before dem reach success dem gone go s–k seed
Dem a bogus, carbon
How yo fi run pass the gyal dem and waan man
Send fi the shoes dem
The tall one
Mix the bloodclaat wid him yaw Jordan[Repeat Chorus][Verse 2:]
And mi seh love fi throw that off a the forth floor
Bout yuh a pure liquor pu–y yuh a go pure more
Head haffi open like close door
Pain Land nah go talk till dem throat sore
Bad man from Spanish Town, Portmore
Send fi mi rass sneakers from the clothe store
Tower Hill, Grands Pen, South
From yo seh loud
Fi press it pon yo fing mouth like a cold sore[Repeat Chorus]

Demarco We Dem A Say lyrics
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