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Up Down


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Demarco Up Down lyrics

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Demarco Up Down Lyrics

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[Demarco - Up Down lyrics]

[Verse 1:]
Anytime mi see you gyal mi waan fi fuck you
You body shiver anytime mi touch you
Mi love it when you bwal out mi naw go hush you
You pussy good! You better come before mi first you
Gyal cuh paw yo face how you look
Gyal skin out fi you pussy like book
Pussy come and shi wet up mi cockey and foot
Shi love to ride hard and shi cannot stay put[Chorus:]
Bounce the batty jaw up down, up down, up down yea
Up down, up dowm, up down yea
Back it gyal you hear wa mi seh
Mi gyal don't geet weh
Up down, up down, up down yea
Up down, up down, up down yea
Like pum, pum, you hear wa mi seh
Mi gyal don't geet weh
Don't geet weh
Don't geet weh
Like pum-pum don't geet weh[Verse 2:]
Minus the draws, cockey plus
She come, me come, what a happy US
Da love yah haffi share, you haffi care, you haffi trust
Shi naw sell out the pussy like record a hapilous
Shi seh baby the pussy a burn me and that's enough
Reverse camera pon the beemer gyal back it up
When you brace paw mi gyal you a get mi cockey back up
Meck mi slap it up, mi nuh wrap it up[Chorus x2]

Demarco Up Down lyrics
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