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Demarco Text Back lyrics


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Demarco Text Back Lyrics

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[Demarco - Text Back lyrics]

Shi seh mi a bi—
Shi seh mi a dog
More time mi c–key hard
Oh gyal, yuh a the woman a the yard[Verse 1:]
Shi seh old dutty bwoy yo wood fi rotten off
Mi haffi hug up fi mi catty and mi laugh
Listen to mi baby yuh a mi second half
So no bother keep dem supn deh in a yo thoughts
Yo fat no bloodclaat, gyal yo pretty and yo smart
Gyal a you have up the key to mi heart
Gyal it could a mash mi up if yuh fi go depart
Out a mi life when a yuh mi seh from the start[Chorus:]
Shi seh mi a bi—, shi seh mi a old dog
Mi nuh wrong yuh baby more time mi c–key hard
Shi please call me, mi a go send a phone card
And member this gyal yuh a the woman a the yard
Shi text mi back fi tell mi that
Do no bother give nobody else the c–k
Mi text shi back, fi tell shi that
Your c–key this gyal don’t fi got[Verse 2:]
Member last night
C–key up in a yo belly wi a f–k
This a weh baby tell mi
Before the pu–y start bruk
Shi seh fat bwoy weh yuh a go? How yuh a move suh
But yo c–key tall up
Shi seh the dutty life weh shi did a live before
Shi ready fi give it all up[Repeat Chorus][Repeat Verse 1][Repeat Chorus x2][Repeat Verse 1]

Demarco Text Back lyrics
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