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Demarco Money lyrics

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Demarco Money Lyrics

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[Demarco - Money lyrics]

Spanish Town, Brado
Wi a born leader wi no follow
Dem would a waan si wi drop down dead
But inna the grave yard we naw go[Chorus:]
Dead face paw paper fi inna my pocket
So any bwooy no waan no money better watch it
Move when mi a hunt my food
Cyaa gi mi pickiny dem no excuse
No bwoy cyaa gimmi no strap bout go lock it
If a no money mi no waan hear the topic
Move when mi a hunt my food
Dem a waste time mi a think bout the next move[Verse 1:]
Spanish town me an broke life o gree
From mi eye deh a knee straight money mi a pree
Big house fi a build up right side ligony
If mi get rich mi wonder wa mi life would a be
Wi a spend old money old like figuring
New money it no ready yet fi consider me
Work hard fi mi money give thanks it no free
So mi know seh the wannabee fans dem wi agree[Chorus][Verse 2:]
Money mi seh the whole a unu can tell
Mi life look wild from mi get the money spell
Road mix wid ambition ghetto youth excel
You cyaa make the house money inn jail cell
Shearer fi inna my wallet
Fi da year yah car fi have hydraulics
Mi sit down an make money a promise
Seh the paper me an it naw go manage[Chorus][Verse 1][Chorus]

Demarco Money lyrics
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