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Love For Mama


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Demarco Love For Mama lyrics

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Demarco Love For Mama Lyrics

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[Demarco - Love For Mama lyrics]

Mi know seh father God love
So certain things mi naw question[Verse 1:]
Like weh mi father caw mi no waan know
Only my mother mi did si when mi a grow
Dem seh that deh man deh live inna the snow
Daddy an mummy a one person yuh better know
When school fee come an no money naw run
A mama alone a mi si a ground kneel down
Shi ask father god when better will come
3 daughter 2 son wid no income
Yea ghetto mother no want are son turn gunman
Shi so proud, shout loud, are first son born
Only fi know seh the worthless father him run gone[Chorus:]
But I love my mama, swear to God seh mi love that lady
Cause she never yet forsake me
And shi show mi love from mi a baby
So everybody just buss a blank from you love yo mother
A one you get, yo cyaa get another
A she mi give the glory an the honor
An if you gone nothing wouldn’t sadder[Verse 2:]
A nuff ghetto youth cyaa do no better
Poverty single life that dem no prefer
Real ghetto mother dem cyaa take step a
Every worthless father this a mama vendetta
That naw meck mi look paw yo lesser
Waan mama live are life forever
Disrespect you I will never
Fi si yo happy that gimmi pleasure[Repeat Chorus][Outro:]
Mi still alive a mama cause that
Mi a survive a mama cause that
Mi love mi life a mama cause that
So gwaan do yo thing mama don’t stop
One day mama a go dead that do
Selassie God know[Repeat Chorus][Repeat Verse 1 – from the 5 line][Repeat Chorus]

Demarco Love For Mama lyrics
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