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Good Morning


Album: Browniez EP
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A-Reece Good Morning lyrics

[h]Growing Up[/h] Song Writer Ronald Lehlogonolo Mataboge, aka A-Reece was born and bred in Pretoria on 27 March 1997. Raised by the streets of Pretoria, the hip-hop talent has always believed that h...

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A-Reece Good Morning Lyrics

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[A-Reece - Good Morning lyrics]
Good morning, I'm finally here (x2)
Good morning
Do you smell the coffee
Eh, do you smell the coffee

[Verse 1]
I'm saying
At Carpe Diem for the weeekend with my diredom
Sitting on the throne feeling alone
Call me you higherness
Swallpwed my pride, now I feel it in my esophagus
Not a protagonist but if die pleke ke Metropolis
I am superman like PH's handle mfanakithi
They say Reece ain't doing conscious no more
It's been happening ever since I saw nakoro
Is it just me or ba no tijuta because I'm gone
Out the hood I go, as I put on my cologne
Ladies love Reece with the caramel skin
He is such a blessing but I wish that we could sin
We could have a sessions, uh huh, maybe I could sing
Maybe I could get a feature and the finer things
Wa bona how these chicks tend to f**king live
Parasitic tendencies, they don't give a shit


[Verse 2]
At Carpe Diem for the season with my diredom
Sitting on the throne feeling alone
Call me your higherness
I'm vomiting rhymes niggas saying Why You Disgusting Us
Hade but like it or not, homey you discussing us
This is our year, no elections
Raws up in here, no protection
I'm heavy on that next shit
Confident, as long as I've been told by KiD X
It's certain, flow's too much shit I ain't burpin'
Perfect, nigga I live life on this earth but
Dream outta space my conscience is surfin'
Ooh! What an outta body experience
Boom! Hiroshima bombing you villains
Voom! Soon I'mma be swerving in deadly sweets
I'm here to save lefatshe and fuck it all up
Never ke bone lekase, I'm finna turn up
Am I destroying or what


Heh kop, ah heh kop
Ah heh kop, you got that?
Well, I'm gone
Ah heh kop, ah heh kop
Ah heh kop, you got that?
Well, I'm gone

[Verse 3]
Look I was born for this shit
Mic was connected to an umbilical cord
Of course as a baby in the stomach I was already kicking it
Syllables and rhythmic
Written from the heart so the beat I be feeling it
More problems when the paper get
Closer and closer, making a million
It's part of my pinnacle for real, I am serious
Soul bleeds like a female on her periods
But I'm finally here

[Repeat Hook]
A-Reece Good Morning lyrics
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