Criusel Maccaine
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Real Name: Criusel Mpho
AKA: Criusel Maccaine
Date of Birth / Age: 11th October, 1996 (26 years)
Country: South Africa
Net Worth: Unknown


Criusel Mpho kanyane Maccaine better known by his stage name Criusel Maccaine, is a South African hip hop Rapper songwriter Blogger from Limpopo . He is best known for his debut Fourth single, "Outspoken.

Criusel Mpho Maccaine Was Born In Mokopane, Limpopo On October 11, 1996 To A Black Mother And A Coloured Father.Maccaine Showed Great Interest In Hip Hop Music And Writting At A Young Age Admiring Proverb , Reason , Stogie T, Immortal Technique , Outspoken , The Game.The Term "Maccaine" Originated From His Father's Surname That Resided In Cape Town And Thus Adopted It As A Part Of His Stage Name. In 2010, Maccaine Became One Of The First Members Of The DopeBoyz.Maccaine Attended Somavugha High School, Where He Spent Most Of His Break And Lunch Times Learning And Writing Raps Himself.

Maccaine's Music Takes Its Roots In Boombap, Classic and Melodic, More Specifically From The 90's.He Is Influenced By The Work Of African/American Artists He Grew Up Listening To, Such As The Game, Immortal Techniques , Diabolic, ProVerb, Reason, Outspoken, Vinnie Paz, Nas And Tupac.Maccaine Credits Pizzy Bone As His Idol And As One Of His Biggest Influences, Who He Started Listening To In The 6th Grade. He Also Cites Crazy Cruz As His Role Model, As "He Is The Best". He Cites Both Pizzy Bone And Crazy Cruz As Rappers And Battles Who Influence Him Lyrically And In Battling, As He Attempts To Mimic Them, Looking At Their Live Performance.Maccaine Also Cites Outspoken As An Inspiration, And Wants "To Be A Rapper Who Can Be Good At Both Rapping And Battling.Maccaine Began Listening To Hip Hop Music When He Was In Second Grade, After One Of His Cousins Let Him Listen To The Game "Dreams".In General, Maccaine Stated He "Doesn't Really Listen To Music To Get Inspiration, I Listen To Music Because I Listen To Music, But I Do Get Inspired When I Listen To Music, It Definitely Helps".

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