About Ya Badimo

Like a trance. It’s a journey in an African spiritual realm, a fact that speaks to the album’s title Ya Badimo – ‘For The Ancestors’ in Sotho languages.

This album, very much consistent with the unique styles and spirited themes of Fortune Teller, is also a progression of their work, story and art. It’s timeless, spiritual, futuristic-while-nostaligic, and very stylish. A lot of showmanship has been displayed on the individual songs.

It’s laced with authentic and organic African instrumentation against the backdrop of abstract and soulful vocals. For the most part, the songs are mid tempo with a strong focus on rhythm and coordination.

The use of organic instrumentation, obscure African sounds, all combined with the spirited vocals adds an incredibly liberating sense of authenticity...

...The album has been brewed to feed the heart that craves going back to basics. At the core of it’s astounding soul, it’s a celebration body of work in limitless forms, one being its its effortless yet grand artistry. An encounter with art in its Godliest form. So rooted, so solid.