Babalola Falemi aka Sauce Kid aka Sinzu hasn’t been active in the music scene for about a year now. His last work was Flex Money, a below-par american trap style song which was released around May 2016 and never made it to anywhere beyond his Instagram page.

So, is Sinzu chilling on a private island in Bahamas? No. Sinzu is chilling in jail, serving time in Ada county, Idaho, USA. He was arrested on the 26th of July 2016 for grand theft, which is a crime for stealing more than $950.

Contrary to other reports, the reason for the arrest wasn’t the 2014 credit card theft that showed Sauce Kid in a CCTV video stealing money from an ATM with a stolen card. He was already arrested in May 2014 for Credit Card Abuse. Also, the amount stolen in that incident was $300 which doesn’t qualify as grand theft.

His 10 month jail term will end this month (May) so expect to hear from him soon.

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