Holy oxgen, holy holy oxgen
Holy oxgen, holy holy oxgen

Ishu, future mfana, umalumkoolkat aka future mfana aka smart mampara
Holy oxygen
Sanibonani inkosi ibenani
Umalumkoolkat and his rubber oragami
Negative energy suka eduze kwami
Pholisi wami this is the second coming
Thatha izinto zami umalumkoolkat
True kati I’m MJ foxing
Back to the future and I am chilling in the front seat
Swag swerve like darn skin
Cooler than a palm tree, the coolest in the country
Future mfana, future black, future mfana laid back waiting for a pay cheque
Sex latex istayela way back
Mama brother go back Smiso is a top cat
Kanti ngibuya edurban, ngikhulelele ema kheven’
Mgikukhomba nje ngo seven, ngikhomba nje ngo seven


Holy oxgen, holy holy oxgen,
Holy oxygen, holy holy oxgen

Why you think I’m rapping
You don’t know what happened
I was never happy, when my father left me
Left me as a baby way back in the 80’s
Always pretty confident my heart was heavy though
Going to a heavy ou songs on the radio
Haibo, I hope he see me in the video
Star sign Leo, king of the animals
Talk about my heroes, Shaka Zulu Geronimo
I’m a fucken demigod,Holy oxgen Im a fucken demigod Holy oxygen
I’m a fucken demigod, im a fucken demi god, im a fucken demigod, I’m a fucken demigod
Jump into the eyes of Candice Swanepoel
I’m a deeper than a swimming pool
I’m a deadly chemical toodles lyrical
Zulu spiritual if I kill you, you’ll be late for your funeral
I’m in love with her booty and I smack it like a jembe
Never use to get it, so I hit it with a vengeance

Holy oxygen, holy holy oxygen
Holy oxygen, holy holy oxygen

I’m a gun, I run number one
Son of the sun with the world in my palm

Holy oxygen, holy holy oxygen
Holy oxygen, holy holy oxygen

Look what I’ve become
Grab it on my arm I bring the holy oxygen the trinity the sun

Holy oxygen, holy holy oxygen
Holy oxygen, holy holy oxygen

To soft plus toy, holy oxygen
Acid to your eye balls, holy holy oxygen
Laser, I saw haibo sky 4
Hitch cop, psycho I’m gunning for the high score
Sharp sharp ngiyabagwaza in a black balaclava
Doctor khawatha mangiqeda ngiya slyza
Amaqhinga ka MacGyver, with the treasure I’m a diver
You dope but I’m nicer, future black brotherlizer
umalumkoolkat aka future mfana aka smart mampara
Sharp Sharp.

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